Resumed Innocent, Rene Fomby

Samantha’s client is facing the death penalty for the triple murder of his wife and two children, and even Sam believes he’s stone cold guilty. But as dawn breaks over tiny Blair County, a guilty verdict is the least of her concerns. The Texas justice … Continue Reading

Waking Chaos, T.L. Callahan

Wealth. Desire. Power. All could be yours in the Paldimori Games.  Lia Davies’ quiet life starts spiraling out of control when she becomes the center of the biggest scandal to ever hit her small town. Spurned by the art community she loves and in jeopardy … Continue Reading

The Audacious Ladies of…

It was during the 1950s that the Italian mafia tyrant, Don Amato Rizoso, determined it was time to get involved in the lucrative trade of human trafficking – sex slavery. Since there were no federal laws and ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement) hadn’t yet been created, … Continue Reading