Everyone has a different agenda when a former Nazi scientist and a current NASA rocket expert arrive in 1960s London for a conference. International spies and war criminals alike are still looking to settle old scores from World War II.

Monitoring the conference are Spencer Hall of MI5 and Jack Stein of the CIA, top agents who became fast friends while fighting side by side for their lives. They’ve been called to protect their nations’ vital secrets, but one of them harbors his own plans for revenge. Meanwhile, Bernard Zimmerman, the NASA scientist, wants everyone to forget his past work with the Third Reich so he can create a new life in America. Unfortunately, both the Soviets and the Germans remember him all too clearly.

Thrown into the mix is Joyce Leader, a beautiful double agent with contacts in both Britain and Germany. If secrets from her past missions fall into the wrong hands, her life may be in jeopardy.
Filled with drama and double-crosses, this suspenseful tale unfolds inside a dangerous web of top-secret knowledge and unknowable loyalties. These spies and ex-Nazis can’t help but get further entangled as they seek their own justice for past wrongs.

Duty and Betrayal is a compelling historical fiction thriller that kept me intrigued as well as entertained from beginning to end. This novel is flawless; I could not find one fault with it; it is utterly brilliant, and so already I would compel you lovely readers to read this book! It is a book that takes the reader on a dangerous thriller that has twists and turns galore. This is a political thriller that will entertain you for hours on end so please, read this excellent book to find out more!

Duty and Betrayal is set in London, post World War II. It follows a number of characters, but one of the most important figures is that of an acclaimed scientist who was a part of Hitler’s regime. This scientist is found giving money to a war criminal, and this is the beginning of this novel. Soon we are introduced to a Sir Spencer Hall who is a talented man as he is head of the MI5; his partner in crime you could call him, is Jack Stein, a CIA agent and together they must solve a thrilling mystery.

This novel is simply brilliant; the historical aspect captured my attention from the very beginning. I love history, and I believe learning about military history is important. This novel may be a work of fiction, but it has a great amount of historical context that is precise as well as informative. I loved how it explored the tense relations between England and Germany after World War II. It was fascinating to read about; I admire the author of this novel, Toby Oliver for including so much historical context as well as historical behaviors among people.

The characters in this novel are brilliant, they are all perfectly developed, and they are all likable in their own way; well, the ones we are intended to like are likable! The dialogue between these characters, especially the dialogue between the two agents was flawless; I loved their wit as well as their seriousness. It enriched my reading experience, and so I relished in their conversations.

One thing I loved about this novel was the in-depth knowledge of how British Intelligence works. I loved reading these chapters; I felt as if I had been given a backstage pass to these inner-workings, so I admire Oliver for taking the reader on this trip! As well as learning about how the British Intelligence works, we also learn about German and Russian spy networks; this fascinated me; I loved reading about spies and espionage and all the political goings-on. It kept me intrigued and entertained; never once could I guess what was going to happen, this is thanks to Oliver’s talent at including a plot twist at the perfect time. He is a flawlessly talented author who deserves so much credit.

To summarize my thoughts on the thrilling novel that is Duty and Betrayal; I would say if you are a reader who Is tired of reading the same old books that are lackluster and forgettable then take a chance with this one because I promise you now that you will not be disappointed. It is a novel that has everything the reader would want in a read and so much more; it has spine-tingling good content, dynamic, memorable characters, a charismatic author that writes beautifully and wonderfully so and lastly it is an all-around, interesting, unforgettable read that you will not be disappointed if you choose to read it. My rating for this incredible book is Five Stars!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers, I deeply appreciate it and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on Duty and Betrayal; do you see yourself reading this book? Is it not your usual cup of tea? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!  

Goodbye for now book lovers,   

P.S. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is click the Buy on Amazon button and it will take you straight to the book on Amazon USA! If you are in the U.K. then below I have attached a link to the book for the Amazon U.K. website. I have also attached some links about the author and this wonderful book! Thank you so much again for reading book lovers, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this book!   

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