The Word of Janus, Patrick David Daley

Sean Brennan has returned to Janus, an uncharted island in the North Atlantic. Brought there by the Spirit’s … Continue Reading

Distant Family, T.L. McDonald

Weary of the long and vicious Mogge war, Commander L’ Hyatt Tsaurine Mharc’s rebellious nature is further stretched by the sudden appearance of an antiquated Earth ship and its two pilots arriving in the system with no possible explanation for their presence. The embodiment of … Continue Reading

Exiled, Leslie Georgeson

Stranded. Tanzania, East Africa. A rare asteroid shower has decimated the earth. There’s no way out. No way home.   … Continue Reading

Death on Duval St.…

Jay Morrison, a novelist, helps Perry Savant, a retired, gay, New York City detective, in order to solve the murder of a popular, local female impersonator during the FantasyFest parade on Halloween. With an evangelical tent revival in town, the police, and most of the gay community … Continue Reading