Stories that stir within us the unquenchable hope for a better tomorrow.

Pamela Ackerson delivers all the passion that fans of this Native American, historical, time travel series have come to love. With unforgettable characters, she has enchanted readers with adventure and love that has spanned across the essence of time.

This is the story that started it all, introducing the Wilderness time travel series, a timeless, spellbinding novel of passion and richly detailed history that delightfully comes alive in an exhilarating adventure with a love story that spans across the ages.

The mysterious dreams had become a reality. Traveling through time, Dr. Karen Anderson found herself in the land of the Lakota, in the midst of the Indian wars, and the movement west. Swept into the arms of the dark-haired warrior, Standing Deer, from her modern-day hustle and bustle to the temporary serenity of life on the Plains…over the span of time, they fight for yesterday and together find the promise of tomorrow.

Across the Wilderness is a timeless, poignant story that is poetic and beautiful as well as thrilling. It is a novel that captured my attention from the very beginning and hooked it until the very end. If you are a reader who is looking to read a brilliant, entertaining story that makes for an easy read then you will love Across the Wilderness!

Across the Wilderness is a unique novel with a fascinating, intriguing plot that is unlike anything I have read before. The novel follows the story’s protagonist, Dr. Karen Anderson. Anderson is currently in the process of re-decorating and with her ventures of doing so, she came across and purchased an antique and beautiful bed at an estate sale. However, this bed is no ordinary bed as it serves as a portal for time traveling when you go to sleep. At this point when I was reading this novel, all I could think was “Now we have a story!” This to me is brilliant and very imaginative so already I was enthralled in the premise of the novel.

When Anderson falls asleep on this bed one night, she time travels to a different period, to 1880. Anderson has been taken to the middle of the Lakota country. She has arrived at a time when the relationship between the Lakota people and the neighboring tribes is poor and this will end up complicating matters for Anderson. At this point in my review, I am going to stop discussing the plot of the novel as what happens next is deliciously great! So you will have to read this brilliant book to find out what happens next!

The story of Across the Wilderness is an intriguing one that takes the reader on a timeless journey across the decades to an interesting and pivotal moment in history. I adored how this novel featured heavily on Native Americans and most importantly, how badly mistreated they were; the author has clearly researched the subject and has done a brilliant job of shining light on everything that happened. What is better is that she does this in an entertaining, interesting way and that for me was really incredible to read.

The author of the novel Pamela Ackerson has done a superb job at writing a timeless, classic tale. One thing was apparent to me very early on and this was that she manages to capture the reader’s attention effortlessly and whisk them away on an enthralling, exciting journey. I mean, how incredible are the novels premise alone?! This, combined with beautiful literature that is moving and entertaining makes it an incredible read. This novel really did get my imaginaion going and in the very beginning, all I could think was how incredible it would be if you could fall asleep in your bed and wake up in a different time period! I am curious, what would you do? If you could fall asleep in a bed and be taken to a different time altogether, where would you want to go? What would you want to see? It is a great idea so please let me know your answers below!

To summarise my thoughts on Across the Wilderness I would say if you love adventure novels that are mixed with romance and timeless history then you will adore this magnificent book. This incredible novel gets Five Stars from me!

Thank you so much for reading my review book lovers! I appreciate it so much. I love interacting with all of you lovely readers so please do comment below and let me know your thoughts on this brilliant book. What do you think of the premise? Is it a book you could see yourself reading? Please do let me know! Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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