The Adventures of Veggie…

What happens when twins and the best of friends find out that they are more different than they are alike? Follow Veggie and Angus as they discover that going down different paths can also lead them back together again. This charming story, set in the small town of … Continue Reading

Clara Beware, Michelle A.…

Every so often, love and hate collide. The saga continues involving the primary members of the Davenport family, daughter, Emma, now 16, Mother Clara, 33 and Grammy Helen, 53. The international pursuit of Clara by the “Greek-Adonis” looking FBI Special Agent Marco Damon continues. The … Continue Reading

The Devourer, Chris Chelser

Paris, 1858: Mercedes Fabron, pragmatic wife, and childless mother has her hands full running her husband’s fashion shop and navigating social etiquette. All of which would be considerably easier without uninvited ghosts haunting her night and day. Out in the streets, people are dying of an … Continue Reading

Moonchild Dreams, Nadia Gerassimenko

Let us immerse into five imaginary and yet quite believable and relatable mythologies narrated by very mesmerizing Muses. The first to get you plunging are vocal melodies about strength, wonderment, and hope. The second is a struggle between love and its mirrored-self – an inevitable … Continue Reading