When Fred the Snake Got Squished, and Mended, Peter B. Cotton

Fred the snake was sent as a pet by Jungle Jim, but got squished in two (and became … Continue Reading

I’ll Always Be with You, Violetta Armour

“Since the horrific night a drunk driver slammed into their car during his driving lesson, young Teddy has … Continue Reading

McDowell, William H. Coles

An admired and lauded surgeon climbs to the top of his profession.  But his callous and questionably moral determination angers colleagues and friends who vow to destroy him.  He becomes a member of the President’s cabinet when a personal family tragedy presents him with a … Continue Reading

Cowboys and Angels, Graham…

Harry Clark was a young soldier stationed in Cyprus where he met and married Xanthi, but within weeks of the birth of their daughter, he left to join the Special Forces. His precarious life was cut short when he was shot by Malik an Iraqi … Continue Reading

That Woman, Wayne Clark

Kidnapped in France and brought to America as an indentured servant, a young woman takes on the brutal … Continue Reading

The Assassin and the Disciple, Virginia Austin

You won’t expect the end. You won’t see it until you are there and then when you are, … Continue Reading

Death on Duval St. , Herb Sennett

Jay Morrison, a novelist, helps Perry Savant, a retired, gay, New York City detective, in order to solve … Continue Reading