Creole Heat, Cynthia VanRooy

All That Glitters . . . Jo Flaherty is at work in her French Quarter antique store when an out-of-control cargo ship rams the wharf where her shop is located and her life changes in an instant. If not for the quick actions of a … Continue Reading

Gallows Ascending, Leigh Podgorski

Gallows Ascending continues the saga of tracker and psychic visionary Luke Stone in Book Two of the Stone Quest Series. It has been thirteen years since Luke’s confrontation in the desert with his nemesis, black magician Armand Jacobi. Luke’s wife Consuelo, whom he met at … Continue Reading

White Jade, Alex Lukeman

WHITE JADE spins a web of deceit and murder across the globe, against the backdrop of a deadly … Continue Reading

Nazi Saboteurs on the…

Nazi Saboteurs on the Bayou¬†intertwines historic persons, events and locales of World War II with a fictional Nazi plot to disrupt the manufacture of Higgins boats, the Allied landing craft which won the war.¬† Spanning the globe from amphibious landings at Gavutu and Guadalcanal, to … Continue Reading

The Butcher’s Daughter, Mark M. McMillin

In an age ruled by iron men, in a world of new discovery and Spanish gold, a young … Continue Reading