Bridge to the Past, Judith Ingram

BridgetothePast_1400x2100 copy.jpgVictoria longs for a different life. Then her wish on a mysterious coin transports her back in time, into the body of a ruthless young woman accused of murdering her husband…

Despite the perils of her new identity, Victoria discovers a new sense of belonging and adventure in the other woman’s world, especially when a handsome man captures her attention. 

But can borrowed love last for a lifetime? And how long will Victoria’s wish last?

Bridge to the Past is one of the loveliest, most gripping, thrilling books I have read in a long time. As I begin to write my review I am still in such awe of the Bridge to the Past and the wonderful words the book holds; I found this book to be incredibly gripping, it enthralled me from beginning to end captured my attention from the very first sentence. My attention was first captured when I read the blurb of this book, I can always tell whether I will love or hate a book and I knew that this time travel tale was going to be a book I would love and love it I did! It is a phenomenal, addictive read that floored me on more than one occasion so please, already I implore that you lovely readers read this wonderful book!

Bridge to the Past follows the protagonist of the novel Victoria as the reader travels with her on her wondrous journey of self-discovery across the centuries. When Victoria and her husband go on a trip, Victoria learns of a woman called Katherine, who lived in the 18th century. However, Katherine was not an ordinary woman as she was accused of murdering her husband. What happens after this point in this novel is truly brilliant so I do not want to spoil it but what I will say is that something happens and Victoria is thrown into Katherine’s body to the 18th century and this is the premise of this wonderful, time travel journey.

The story of Bridge to the Past is magnetic, poignant and engrossing. This beautiful story captivated me from the very beginning, the story itself is so unique that I felt drawn to it. It has all what I love in a book, it has great science fiction with regards to the time travel, wonderful, memorable characters who you can root for and get behind, it has a perfect, streamlined plot that never once gets boring and lastly, it has a brilliant writer that makes the novel even more exceptional.

The author of the novel Judith Ingram is a talented writer who can only be described as a literary artisan. Her words shone radiantly from the pages within this delightful book. I felt pure enjoyment reading this engrossing piece of literature, it is the type of novel that is full of so much detail that you would want to read the book again to pick up on every single detail. I already know that I will be reading this book again, it is too great not to be read again!

To summarise my thoughts on this incredible, addictive book I would say if you are looking for a new, fresh exciting read that is full of spine-tingling good content, dramatic moments, memorable characters and wonderful literature then you will adore this dazzling book. This incredible novel gets Five Stars from me!

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