Poet of the Wrong Generation, Lonnie Ostrow

“It’s not that I don’t love you, and my tears are yet to dry. But you can’t go back and forth forever and we’ve already said goodbye.”

Through these words, a young poet unearths his musical soul while severing ties with the woman he loves after her stunning betrayal. Unknowingly, in writing this ballad of liberation, he will soon evolve as one of the fastest rising stars on the pop music landscape.

The year is 1991; the place, New York City. Here we meet Johnny Elias, a college student from Brooklyn with boundless adoration for two things in life: timeless popular music, and the heart of a sweet, complicated young woman who is clearly out of his league.

Megan Price not only is the object of Johnny’s affection, but also the only daughter of New York’s most powerful PR woman: the indomitable Katherine Price.

Projecting that her daughter’s boyfriend will never live up to the family standard, Katherine cleverly perpetrates a series of duplicitous schemes to rid Johnny from her high-class world. But in her callous disregard, she inadvertently sets him on a determined course to his improbable musical destiny – while sending her own daughter spiraling down a path of devastation.

Poet of the Wrong Generation tells the symmetrical story of a lovable underdog and his meteoric rise to stardom, his humiliating downfall and his unprecedented attempt to reclaim his place as the unlikely musical spokesman for his generation. At the heart of Poet is a tale of star-crossed lovers and their struggle with unforeseen success and disillusionment, in an attempt to rediscover lasting harmony.

Uniquely integrating a variety of original song compositions, Poet projects the epic clash between true contentment and the fable of stardom’s rewards; a nostalgic journey through the major events of the 1990s, with a cherished cast of characters and a stunningly unpredictable conclusion. The ultimate rock & roll love story.

Poet of the Wrong Generation is the perfect read for readers who adore romance and contemporary literature; it is an engrossing read that enthralled and enchanted me from the very first page… the book is so phenomenal that I found it dangerously addictive. So much so that I struggled to put this magnificent book down and this was all thanks to the wonderful characters the reader encounters on the journey within this book. The characters are the driving force of this novel, they were quite simply astonishing and this, combined with the novels riveting literature and brilliant plot thanks to the wonderful author’s writing, made it a fun, poignant, exciting read that I will not forget for a long time.

Poet of the Wrong Generation has a gripping and glorious plot that follows numerous different characters in the third narration. However, there is one central character and this is singer-songwriter, and poet, Johnny Elias. The reader follows Johnny from 1991 to 1997 as he discovers himself from the early days of his schooling to his rise to fame and fortune but sadly, we also have to follow him when everything around him goes wrong and this is the premise of the wonderful Poets of the Wrong Generation.

The synopsis of this dazzling gem of a read for me was absolutely glorious, I found it to be breath-taking on more than one occasion and very surprising actually thanks to the plot numerous twists and turns. You will never get bored reading this book, this is for certain. It is a beautiful, poignant character study that follows a man on his journey and personally, this is how contemporary books should be.

The story of the Poet of the Wrong Generation is a profound one that astonished me with its poignant character study. I adored reading this novel with all of its twists and turns. It is a unique story too I may add that was unlike anything I have read before, it was incredibly dynamic and wonderfully written and plotted. It has everything you would want in a contemporary novel… romance, suspense, passion, poignant literature, all of this and more and it moved and excited me the whole way through.

The author of the novel Lonnie Ostrow is a beautiful writer whose passion for literature and writing jumps right of the page. His words were radiant and they shone so brightly that I was in awe and captivated, and all you can do is surrender to this magnificent book and bask in its glory.

To conclude my thoughts on Poet of the Wrong Generation I would say if you are looking for a brilliant character study that is moving but also exciting at the same time then read this brilliant book and get lost in this mad but brilliant world. This wonderful book gets Five Stars from me.

Thank you so much for reading book lovers, I deeply appreciate it and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on Poet of the Wrong Generation; do you see yourself reading this book? Is it not your usual cup of tea? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,


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