On a warm summer morning in North Carthage, Missouri, it is Nick and Amy Dunne’s fifth wedding anniversary. Presents are being wrapped and reservations are being made when Nick’s clever and beautiful wife disappears from their rented McMansion on the Mississippi River. Husband-of-the-Year Nick isn’t doing himself any favors with cringe-worthy daydreams about the slope and shape of his wife’s head, but passages from Amy’s diary reveal the alpha-girl perfectionist could have put anyone dangerously on edge. Under mounting pressure from the police and the media–as well as Amy’s fiercely doting parents–the town golden boy parades an endless series of lies, deceits, and inappropriate behavior. Nick is oddly evasive, and he’s definitely bitter–but is he really a killer? 

As the cops close in, every couple in town is soon wondering how well they know the one that they love. With his twin sister, Margo, at his side, Nick stands by his innocence. Trouble is, if Nick didn’t do it, where is that beautiful wife? And what was in that silvery gift box hidden in the back of her bedroom closet? 

Gone Girl is a novel that has captivated and astounded me; Ever since reading this brilliant, masterful piece of literature for the first time five years ago upon its release I have felt this way and still to this day I am madly in love with this book. This brilliant, shocking, gripping book is by far one of my two favorite reads and books of all time. Gone Girl and Jane Eyre remain reigning queens of my book library and this book will stay at the top of that list until the end of time. Gone Girl is quite simply marvelous and no words of mine will be able to do it justice or explain just how taken I am with this enchanting novel.

Gone Girl is a masterful suspenseful thriller that can easily be compared to Alfred Hitchcock’s brilliant, terrifying work. I compare Gone Girl to Alfred Hitchcock already because Hitchcock knows how to instill fear in his viewers and the author of Gone Girl Gillian Flynn has done this for her readers too. This novel is brilliantly layered with beautifully written words and enthralling characters that grab you from the first page. These two things combined make Gone Girl a compelling, compulsive read that is impossible to put down and that is a rarity these days, especially in the genre of psychological thrillers as too many of them are sadly predictable. I rarely read books that live up to the title of ‘impossible to put down’ so the fact that Gone Girl has done this has made me a truly happy woman and has made for one of the most memorable reading experiences of my life. You know the kind? The kind where it is 4 in the morning and you desperately need to sleep because you have to be up early but yet you continue to read through the tiredness, you continue to wipe away those tears which stream your eyes when you are tired and you continue to read even though you really shouldn’t. That, in my opinion, is a book which is un-put-down-able. Not a novel where you say to yourself “Oh this is good but I need to sleep”. No, if a novel is compelling then you will read that novel all through the night and that is what happened to me when I read this book the first…second…third…and fourth time.

You may now be thinking “Wait, you have read this novel four times?!” Yes, book lovers I have and it is because it is absolutely incredible; The surprises and twists themselves kept me enthralled and intrigued until the final page and even when I read this the second time and so on I still felt that feeling of trepidation as I turned the page – even though I had read it many times before and knew what was going to happen. Flynn is such a wonderful writer and the fact that she has managed to do all of this and more blows my mind, so thank you, Gillian Flynn, for being such an incredible, intelligent, crazy, masterful writer! I am sure the majority of you lovely book lovers know what this novel is about but in case you don’t then here is a brief synopsis of mine.

Nick and Amy Dunne have been married for five years but their marriage is not all as it
seems and it has been strained for a long time. They used to be the rich, glamorous writer couple of New York City but unfortunately, they had to move back to Nick’s home state of Missouri after having both lost their jobs and most of their money. Nick is trying to be productive and create a steady income so he now runs a bar he brought (with Amy’s money) with his twin sister Margo ‘Go’ whilst Amy is left at home. Then one day, on their fifth wedding anniversary Amy vanishes without a trace and her disappearance is soon treated as ‘suspicious’ and soon her ‘ever doting’ husband is the prime suspect.

Gone Girl is a novel with a thrilling narrative as the narrative alternates after each chapter has concluded. The first narrative is told through the eyes of Nick and it focuses on the investigation into Amy’s disappearance and the slow unraveling of Nicks dirty secrets – which makes for a juicy read- and Nick reminiscing about his troubled history with Amy and they’re not so perfect marriage.

The second narrative is told by Amy through her diary entries starting seven years prior to the events of the present day. Amy first writes about her meeting with Nick, how he wooed and charmed her and how ultimately, she fell madly in love with him. She then talks about their first years of marriage, the adventure, the fun but then she starts to talk about the problems, the secrets, as well as so much more and finally, her diary entries end on a dark note, with a deadly twist that will leave the reader shocked and full of questions. Questions which race through your mind whilst reading this novel are: Is Nick involved in Amy’s disappearance? Did he murder her and if so why? Was she kidnapped? What happened to Amy? The questions do not stop and that is one of the many brilliant aspects of this novel. However, one question is known early on and that is the question whether Amy and Nick have a perfect marriage and it is apparent to the reader early on that their marriage was not as perfect as everybody thought…

The dual perspective that is featured in this novel is wildly enjoyable and for me, it made the novel all that much more incredible. I adored being in the mind of a married couple and hearing both of their sides of the story, it made for an intense read as I felt compelled to keep reading to find out who in fact was telling the truth. Amy’s diary entries too were marvelous and if you know anything about me by now from my other book reviews then you know that novels with diary entries are huge favorites of mine and I am a sucker for them every time! The only way I can describe this novel is that it was like a ticking time bomb and you know that everything was about to explode at one point but you do not know when and that is the mastery of Gone Girl.

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This novel is an important novel and I could easily sit here and write paragraphs upon paragraphs about just how important this novel is as it brings the reader’s attention to the important line between privacy and invasion; but also, the importance of not succumbing to the trickery nature of the devious media and their representation of their ‘victims’ (in this particular case Nick Dunne). All of these things are very true and I could sit here and talk at length about these facts however this is not that kind of review; This a review where I want to freely write about my admiration and amazement for Gone Girl and to proclaim in this wonderful book community that it is such a masterful novel that every book lover should have the pleasure of reading.

Before I read a novel I always love to investigate the author and their inspiration for their novel so that I can delve into their psyche and gain a better understanding of their work. Steig Larsson’s inspiration for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is one of the most shocking and heart-breaking inspirations I have ever heard of so if you do not know his inspiration then please click on the words The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo to go to my review to read his inspiration. Flynn had a unique inspiration that fits perfectly with her disturbing and original novels. Flynn was interested and intrigued by the psychology and dynamics of a long-term relationship; When I read an article based on this I was immediately enthralled and happy with glee as Psychology is a huge passion of mine. It made me love the novel before I even started reading it because I knew from her words that this would be so much more than your regular mystery-crime read but rather a deep look into the Psychology of a marriage and how a breakdown of a marriage can end in disastrous consequences.

As a reader, I want to know about the characters psyche and their thought processes, whenever I do see this in a novel I immediately am hooked and Flynn for certain has created wonderful characters within her novel and divulged in their psyche to epic proportions. Flynn’s ability to write smart, devious characters is incredible and grips you as a reader very early on. Let me now write about these wonderful characters I adore so much.
Nick Dunne was a hugely lovable character in my opinion; he is lovable because he is clueless with an air of naivety about him. When he first discovers Amy is missing he is completely lost and confused, he has no idea on what he should be doing, no idea about what has happened to his wife and he certainly does not know how to act around the media frenzy.  At this point in the novel I have already fallen madly in love with him because if you were in his situation, walking in his shoes you would most likely be feeling the same way, I know I would be! What would you do if the whole of the world’s media glare was placed upon you and every move you took, every facial expression you expressed was up for debate? Think about it, what would you do? I personally would find it hell on earth and pray that never happens to me. Nick was lovable to me because he is a normal, regular, and an ordinary human being who is in a tricky and unsettling predicament. Does he have media training like these politicians you see on the TV? Hell no! He has not been trained on what to say, how to move, how to look, nothing so poor old Nick became loved by me as he is a very relate-able. However! This is the point where I say that yes, I love him however I have a minor love-hate relationship with him. This next short chapter will contain a minor Spoiler so you have been warned!

When I found out that Nick had been unfaithful to beautiful Amy with a 20 something-year-old student of his I wanted to unleash HELL upon him! How dare he do this to his loving wife, how dare he break the sanctity of marriage and poison it. Cheating, in my opinion, is the worst thing you could ever do as a human being (besides murder and the obvious crimes of course) so I was raging at this point. Amy is a beautiful, intelligent girl and he decided to risk his marriage to a perfect loving wife for a quick thrill to cure his mid-life crisis. No, no way is this justifiable so Nick I hate you so much for this but I still love you because you are a fool.

Reading this part of the novel did make me think about the attraction between an older, mature man and a younger woman. I won’t bore you with the details of my marriage but I am in my early 20’s whereas my husband is much older than me (if you want to know our age gap then email me! I always love talking with fellow wives and people in general!) and I adore it. Growing up I was always intrigued by older people because I myself felt like a 30-year-old when I was 15! I looked practically 30 also, and by definition, I class myself as an old soul and I adore that! I think the woman in this novel who had an affair with Nick did so because she was attracted to the maturity and I can’t blame her for that, I can’t. Some younger woman and this is the definition of me – want the same things as a 30-year-old man. For instance, men over 30 traditionally want to settle down, they have had their fun, had their adventures with their friends, partied and got it all out of their system and now they want to settle down, find a nice girl and marry them and have children with them and make a life together. Personally, I have always wanted these things and wanted a family young, be married young and have a home young and I believe that is why the mistress (I hate that word!) in this novel was so infatuated with Nick. I may have droned on a bit then but I hope you got my point! Seriously though email me whenever you like book lovers I will always reply!

Spoiler Free – Now it is time to write about my favourite character of all, Amy Dunne; This beautiful, incredible, talented woman is also a crazy, psychotic messed up b**ch (excuse my French!) and I cannot help but fall madly in love with her madness and the method to her madness. She is one hell of a dedicated woman and if you have seen the movie or read the novel then you will know exactly what I mean! She is dedicated and determined and for that give yourself a pat on the back Amy. I feel like I need to discuss the big spoiler that resolves around Amy in this novel so again, if you do not know this spoiler and do not want to be spoiled then skip this next chapter! Spoiler

Amy was faking her disappearance all along. She conjured up a plan, faked her disappearance, faked the diary, faked the evidence all to get revenge on her cheating, foolish husband Nick Dunne. Oh wow, Amy, I love you, you pulled off a masterful and devious plan that takes the skill and intellect of someone as clever as Einstein! How you did it I do not know but what I do know is that I love you for it and admire your dedication. I have never, in all of my life heard or read of someone so determined to fake their own disappearance and murder that you actually plan on killing yourself to make your husbands live a living hell and to send him “Up the river“.

Spoiler Free – To summarise my thoughts and opinions on both Nick and Amy Dunne I would have to say that this is the best, most thought-provoking narrative I have ever read and such a wonderful look into two complex personalities. I have revealed in their narratives already and will when I read this novel again… even me writing this review is making me want to read it again! The narratives can only be described as twisted, devious fun but definitely explosively wonderful and let’s not forget to say unreliable. Spoiler – You see this unreliability when Nick has his affair; he was not the ever-doting, faithful husband but rather a cheating liar and with Amy, she was not the lovely, sweet, innocent victim but really the masterful, devious, psychotic woman who had planned her disappearance all along. Spoiler Free

Before I finish writing about our two main protagonists I have to write about Nick’s twin sister Margo (known as Go). I found her to be absolutely awesome! She was so hilarious and injected some very necessary humor into the novel which was very welcome from the dark nature that surrounds this book. Her relationship too with her brother Nick was wonderful to read, the banter they share was hilarious and you could tell they really have that twin bond and having twin boys myself I really hope that my boys have the same kind of relationship! I just really admired Margo for sticking by her brother through the media frenzy and ridicule of her brother; even when she learned his dirty secrets. That is true sibling love and I admire that.

This review is epically long already (I am sure you can tell just how much I love this novel!) but stay with me a little longer whilst I quickly talk about Flynn’s writing and I have to start this next part of my review with one of my favorite quotes from the novel.

“When I think of my wife, I always think of her head”. “And what’s inside it. I think of that, too: Her brain, all those coils, and her thoughts shuttling through those coils like fast, frantic centipedes. Like a child, I picture opening her skull, unspooling her brain and sifting through it, trying to catch and pin down her thoughts. What are you thinking, Amy?” 

Reading this still has the ability to send chills through my body and I find that even as I am typing now my mind is working overtime to analyze and decode what Nick Dunne just said. The psychology behind this is immense and this combined with Flynn’s brilliant literature makes this a spine-tingling sentence and if this doesn’t convince you to read Gone Girl then I don’t know what will! Flynn’s writing is effortless and enchanting, this quote is my favorite because of the deep, dark nature of it. I think we have all thought what Nick is thinking at a point in our life right? When I first met my husband I so desperately wanted to know what he thought about me, I wanted to be inside of his brain (which sounds incredibly weird I know!) and know all of his thoughts and I think this quote, in general, symbolizes marriage perfectly.

Now we have finally come to the end of my review for the magnificent Gone Girl. To summarise my thoughts I would say that Gone Girl is a deliciously, devious, ingenious and astounding thriller that demands to be read. Of course, this novel gets Five Stars from me! It would be a crime for me not to.

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my (very long!) review of Gone Girl. Please do comment below because that is my favorite part of blogging; getting to interact with all of you wonderful readers! Let me know whether you have read this novel, what you thought of it if you have and also let me know if you haven’t whether you would consider reading it. If you have not read the novel and seen the movie then let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours! Thank you so much for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

P.S. Click the link below to read a preview! If you like what you have read then click buy and it will take you to Amazon U.K.! Below this preview also is a link for Book Depository if you live in a country other than America!

Amazon U.K. / Goodreads / Book Depository / Penguin; Penguin Random House

*Update* I feel compelled to talk a little bit about the movie adaptation of Gone Girl so that is exactly what I am going to do! I am in no way a movie reviewer but what I am is a movie lover. I and my husband go minimum twice a week and growing up every Saturday we would go so I love movies. To say Gone Girl is a perfect adaptation is an understatement… it is the adaptation. This may be down to the fact that Flynn screen wrote the movie but I think it would have been perfect anyway. Everything from the novel I wanted included was included and I think the casting of Ben Affleck (who I adore!) for Nick Dunne and Rosamund Pike (who I also adore!) were perfect and they captured the characters of Nick and Amy perfectly. Thank you so much for reading again and do not forget to comment below!

Already read Gone Girl but want to read a book in the same league? Then check out these two wonderful books written by the wonderful Michele Pariza Wacek! The Stolen Twin and Mirror Image

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My mom downloaded this book on her Kindle and two days later was calling me DEMANDING I read it (we share a Kindle account so if one of us downloads something, we both have it!)

I hated it!!

Your review of it is amazing, but I think for me personally, I just couldn’t get into it. I tried to watch the movie but I got bored a little ways through it. I may try this book again just to see if 2 or so years has made a difference because I can’t even give details on why I disliked it so much anymore, I just remember hating it haha.

However, I will give props to the author on some of the twists involved. Those were pretty well thought out and definitely made me want to know what was going to happen.


Hi Beth! Thank you so much for this amazing comment of yours, I loved reading this and hearing your thoughts! Thank you so much (:


I’m so happy that your mum liked it but I’m shocked that you didn’t! Well, I know a lot of people did not like it but I am still puzzled as to why. Do you think it was the writing or the plot? Maybe you just really could not get invested in the story as you did not even like the movie. I’m interested to talk to you more about this though! Thank you so much again for this wonderful comment (:


Thank you for your kind words too about my review that is so sweet. I adore your blog so much!!


My name is Robin. I use my maiden name initials “REO” thanks for asking me.
When we finished reading the book, my youngest daughter and I felt that Amy was pregnant with “demon seed.” Neither of them is really “good parent material!” The book was interesting and my friend who is a teacher loved it. I’m glad you don’t mind my disagreeing. 🙂


That is such a lovely name! Nice to meet you Robin my name is Aimee (: where are you from? (:


Haha demon seed I love that and that is very true! Neither of them are perfect although I think that Nick will be the better parent as he will have the help of Margo. Speaking of Margo what did you think of her!? (:


I am glad that your teacher friend loved it! Also I just saw the daughter part to your comment. I have four children how about you?


I did not like this book and feared for the baby they are expecting. 🙂 You did a fine review. 🙂


Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting that is so kind of you! Can I ask your name? (:


Even though this book is one of my favourites I still love to hear why some people disliked it so please do let me know!


Oh my gosh yes! I feel for poor nick but I just pray and hope that her being a mother would change her crazy ways. Do you think it would have!? (:


And thank you too for your kind words ! (:


New to wordpress and had to say I agree with what you said. Such an awesome blog you have by the way! Keep ROCKING!

(Continued from last comment) I really do appreciate the comment!

Thank you so much again!

So where in the world are you from?!

I would love to know! Please let me know when you are able too!


@letterstoyellow Have you read this book yet!? (:


New to wordpress and had to say I agree with what you said. Such an awesome blog you have by the way! Keep ROCKING!

(Continued from last comment) I really do appreciate the comment!

Thank you so much again!

So where in the world are you from?!

I would love to know! Please let me know when you are able too!


Yes that book was amazing, after reading your r review- I am wanting to read it again. Thx 🙂


Hi Karla! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting (:


Gone Girl is so incredible no!? I loved it so much. What did you think of Nick and Amy? (:

Crazy, Nick -an idiot for cheating, guess he didnt know who he was dealing with, Amy ‘scary smart’ for knowing how to stick it to him, and a good description of a narcissistic -sociopath, (both of them, perhaps – just one more to the extreme than the other). what did you think?

I agree with everything you just said! Your views are perfect and I agree totally.

I do love Nick just because he is a fool but I was so angry when I found out he was cheating on Amy. At that point in the book also we thought Amy was still the innocent victim ! However I still would have hated him for that because I think cheating is the worst. Do you?

As for Amy I thought she was a brilliant character and so different to what I have read before. I just adored her determination and ruthlessness! I admired how committed she was to bring down her husband. However, I would not want to mess with her! Lol.

Did you ever get a chance to watch the movie? (:


It’s interesting how we all differ. I’m probably the only person who actually only got through the first couple of chapters of this book before giving up!


Hi again Jude! Thank you for commenting (:


Oh no! I have heard of some people who have done this so you are not the only one but why?! I am curious to know what you disliked about it so much and be honest (:

I’d have to re-read it to tell you, it was ages ago. I think it just seemed to take ages to get anywhere, and maybe the style of writing. If I can dig it out of my Kindle library I’ll have another read and let you know!

I think with Gone Girl you have to be in the mood to read it but honestly I think it is great, and that is coming from somebody who has read it 4 times! Lol. I just think it is so thrilling!

The only book (trilogy) I’ve ever read twice was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Couldn’t put them down! 📚😊

Hi Jude! I am so sorry for my delayed reply your comment got sent to my spam so I am so sorry about this!

No probs at all! 😀

The girl with the dragon tattoo is amazing and I am so happy you loved the series so much! I actually haven’t read the rest of the series yet. I’m scared that they won’t live up to the first book. Are they worth the read? (:

It’s one long story, you need to read all 3! 😀

Oh really? Ok I definitely will! I’m excited. You have reminded me to finally read the books lol.


Have you read any other Psychological Thrillers that you liked? (:

The only one in recent times was The Girl on the Train. That was pretty good. I mostly live on a diet of Nordic crime at the moment! 😀

I too read The Girl on the Train and I adored it! Did you get a chance to see the movie? Although I really liked the book I wish their was more of a thriller aspect. I wish that we knew more about him also! What do you think?

I definitely enjoyed the book more than the film. And yes it would have been good to know more about the bad guy!

I agree. The book was far better than the movie. What did you love most about the book? I just loved the different narratives and I loved the unraveling mystery!

I’m really hopeless at analysing books. I would just say the curiosity of who did it drew me on!

The movie was great but I feel like it was a little rushed. What did you think? I thought Emily blunt was incredible but other parts just lacked. Definitely not in the same league as Gone Girl!

I think the fact that the film was set in America and the book in England made it a bit strange for me. Hard to describe what wasn’t quite right.

Yes! Like why would you change the key setting to the novel. They shouldn’t have done that because then the characters became American. Maybe they were just trying to reach a bigger audience!

What did you think of Emily Blunt as Rachel? I loved her as her!

The author should write a book about him! Now that I would love to read! Would you? (:


Do you watch any of the Nordic Crime Tv shows or movies!? (:

All of them! Loved The Bridge!

I haven’t seen that but I have heard such good things about it!

It was on TV here ☺

Did you ever watch the killing? The American and Nordic version (:

Loved the Killing, I only watched the Nordic version.

The American version is amazing you should definitely watch that. I think the 4 series are on Netflix (:


Another book which my friend keeps suggesting 😁 Yes, I think now is the time I made time for some serious reading!


Thank you for commenting again! What is your name I would love to get to know you more (:

Thanks! U have a lovely blog😊 My name is Shweta. Please do check out my blog and let me know your thoughts on my posts as well😊

Aww thank you so much and I will definitely do this!

Nice to meet you Shweta. I’m Aimee (:

Nice to meet you too Aimee😊

Where are you from in the world? (:

I’m from India😀 Where are you from?

Aww how lovely, I actually know a few people who live in India! Whereabouts in India do you live? (:

In Goa, land of sun and beaches😎 though I haven’t been to many despite living here

Oh how beautiful! Some days I wish I lived so close to a beach. You must visit everyday no? (: I know I would!

I don’t live close by the beach actually, but whenever I get a chance, I do visit, I love beachwalks with my friends 😊

Hi there! I am so sorry for my delayed reply. For some strange reason your comments went to my spam so I am so sorry about this but I am going to reply to your lovely comments now!

Hey that’s okay 😊 happens to me too, hope u had a lovely holiday 😊

Aww thank you! I had a really nice time it was lovely. Are you planning to get away this year at all? (:

Ha ha. Across the seas travel is not possible for me 😁

Aww that’s a shame. There are some beautiful places where you are though I am sure!

I was born in Britain but I married an American at 17 so now I live in America! (:

Oh wow 😊

That was my parents reaction! Especially because I married him so young lol.

😁 yes, that’s really sweet 😊

Have you ever been to America? (:

No never been anywhere out of India🙈 Hoping to visit soon

Aww you should definitely go! You should visit Britain too and definitely Italy and France and Greece. They are all such beautiful countries (:

Yup, I so want to visit Paris😊 I want to visit the Louvre Museum and see the Eiffel tower 😍

Oh my gosh yes the louvre and the Eiffel Tower are wonderful. I have visited both and you will adore it! When you do visit you must make a blog post or something I would love to see that!

Yup sure!! I wish i visit them some day😁

I hope so too! Do you love any movies that feature Paris? I am obsessed with those types of movies!

Not exactly.. But i just get that romantic feel when i just think about paris or look at the effeil tower 😁

Yes definitely! It is such a beautiful city. So are cities like Venice and Amsterdam too!

I want to visit Venice too 😍

It’s such a beautiful city (:


This book is INCREDIBLE! Your friend has great taste. Do you read much thrillers? If so this book is a must but it is a must anyway due to its brilliance! (:

I have seen Gone Girl movie. I want to try the book now😁 yes, my friend has great taste and an amazing book collection too. I have to borrow her copy I think 😁 I enjoy reading thrillers as well

It is such an amazing book and movie you won’t regret it!

Do you watch many movies? I am such a movie fan! (:

Yes I love watching movies, though admittedly less of English movies, I’m more of a Bollywood movie fan

I too love Bollywood movies! Although I haven’t watched any in a while.

Can you recommend some great Bollywood movies? I would love to hear of some and watch them (:

Sure😊 Have u watched Airlift or Neerja?

I haven’t no! Could you tell me a little bit more about them? (:

Both are based on real life stories actually. Neerja is the story of a brave 23 year old flight attendant who sacrificed her life to save all the people on board from terrorists. And Airlift is the story of Air India evacuating Indians from Saddam Hussain invasion in Quwait. Its the biggest airlifr operation in the world

Oh wow these sound amazing! I am definitely going to have to check these out now thanks!

However if u want to watch some typical Bollywood film u can watch 3 idiots or Chennai express

Thanks for another recommendation I will check this one out also. So how have you been?! (:

I am good😊 how r u and how was ur trip?

My trip was great, me and husband and children travelled all over. We started in New Orleans, then Hawaii and then Japan! It was a crazy trip which logistically was hard to figure out but it was worth it. My husband is a Marine so he had lived in Japan and Hawaii for a long time so thankfully I had him and his great map skills! Lol.

Wow that sounds wonderful ☺️ glad to hear about it.. Do we get to read a blog post on it soon? 😜

Haha maybe! I have never thought about that because I only do book reviews but who knows!

Yes maybe u could start a travel blog 😀

Maybe! Thank you for giving me that thought. If I done this it means I would have to share photos of me and my family and I am SO private that I am not sure I would like this. So I would have to think about it (:

Oh haan, or maybe u could just share photos of the locations! 😁

Hi again! I am so sorry for my delayed response, I am useless but I blame baby brain! I am going to reply to your comments now though and make sure that I reply frequently! (:

Thats okay😁 U can reply whenever u can, I’m always here😁

Aww you are so sweet!

How have you been this last week? What have you been up to! ?

Last weekend all I did was quilling 😁 and finished off flash season 3

I may sound so stupid right now but what is quilling? lol.

Quilling is a paper craft. U roll tiny bits of paper to make different objects. U can check the quilling section in my blog😁 see if u like any of it, u can give it a try. It’s really easy😊

Oh wow, this Quilling sounds wonderful! It sounds easy but I am useless at anything to do with craft lol.

It is really easy 😁

How did you get started with this?! Also I will definitley check this out thank you!

Somebody once gave me an envelope with quilling on it. I liked it so decided to try it 😁 and then my interest grew so I started making of my own

Aww that is so amazing! Do you get a lot of paper cuts? It may be a dumb question but I’m just curious lol!

😂😂 no none so far

Is Flash good?! I watched a few episodes of the first series but I lost track (:

I normally don’t like these superhero types but I liked flash. Just watching it once again n see if it connects😊

Have you read any great books lately? (:

I just finished with the lunar chronicles series and i am still literally “over the moon” about it.

I have heard about this series! But I do not know much about it. Can you tell me what it is about? My friend actually bought me the colouring book the other day lol.

Its set in the future with cyborgs and androids and the moon is colonized and ruled by a queen!!

Oh my god that sounds amazing!!!

The best part i loved about this series is dat each book is based on a fairy tale. So it’s like the fairy tales like Cindrella, Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Snow White as we know it with the elements of the future 😀

Ok now this book just keeps getting better and better. I love fairy tales and I love science fiction so the fact that this has been combined is incredible!

Then u will love this series!! 😊

I think I will too! I thank you so much for letting me know about the series (:

So how many books are in the series so far and I heard they may be making a movie of this or a Tv show? Is that true? (:

Oh I din know dat.. I get so wary when I hear that a book is converted into movie or TV show. I just wish they do it justice. I would love to see it

I get wary too as so many adaptations are bad, you are right on this but I cannot resist watching them! Have you seen the maze runner adaptations or even read those books? What about Divergent too? (:

No I haven’t read the maze runner, my friend has the full collection and she is always suggesting them to me, I think I should start looking at them 😜

The Maze Runner is actually a great book and I think you would really like it.

Yes, want to try to.. There r like so manyyy books that I’m yet to read

Too many! Lol. There is just not enough time to read!

However I found that with the rest of the series I got bored. Just it did not do it for me, when the main part was over with it just became a bit boring.

But the first book really is great so give that one a go!

Yes sure, 😊

Have you seen any of the movies? (:

No i haven’t seen the movies either. Sometimes I get confused if i should go fr the books first or the movies

I know it is difficult because sometimes the movies are actually better than the books.

Yes i agree😁😊

For example I personally think The Martian movie was better than the book lol.

Naa not seen Divergent, and I just saw the trailer of the maze runner once

Aww you need to watch both of the movies, they are so great! (:

I am curious do you like Stephen King? (:

Horror is a genre I haven’t read yet😜 So i didnt read any of the Stephen kimg books but this weekend we are going to watch the IT movie, I hope I survive it😜

Haha I am sure you will! I am seeing it at the weekend too and I am so excited to do so, it looks great!

Well thats nice😊 have a lovely weekend

I am with you though, I do not read horror at all apart from the occasional Stephen King book!

Do u like fantasy fiction? U may like this series

I LOVE fantasy! I need to know more about this book. Was it really incredible? And how many books are there in the series? (:

I loved it.. I was in the hangover of its glamour, still m 😜 there are 5 books in it

Aww that is so amazing! You really make me want to read this series now (: is it considered YA? (:

Hmm.. Not sure😜 But give it a try either way😀

I will definitley do that thank you!

Or have you already read it? 😀

Oh no definitely not but that could change soon!

😁 check out my review of the book, u may like it

You have a review?! I must have missed this! I am going to go to your blog now to read it, thank you for letting me know (:
Have you read the rest of the series of it yet? (:

Yes I read all the five books and I lovedd it😍

Aww how amazing! What did you love most about the series? (:

I loved how each of them is based on a fairy tale. The Fairest in particular I liked.

I like the thought of that too, it sounds like an incredible tale!


I really enjoyed your review of Gone Girl, both the book and the film versions. I have yet to read the book, but thoroughly enjoyed the movie adaptation.


Hi there! Thank you so much for commenting this is so kind of you!! Thank you so much.


I am so happy that you loved the movie adaption, it is so great isn’t it! Although I would recommend reading the book also because it has so much more detail and it is much darker!


Do you think you will read it eventually? (:

Absolutely! Currently I’m just finishing a book, then I’ll be free to start a new one.

Aww great!

What are you reading right now I would love to know! (:

Also when you do get a chance to read Gone Girl you will have to come back and let me know how you found it!


well from quite some time this book is resting in my wishlist but till now haven’t bought it, once gone through the pages and language seems a bit hard. well lets see when i will order this one. BTW, a good and detailed review.. Ruchir.


Hi Ruchir, thank you so much for commenting and for your kind words!


I am glad that this book is already on your list but it needs to be read it is so amazing and thrilling!


Do you read many psychological thrillers? (:


Thank you so much for the Tag!!


You wrote a great post! (:

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