Running in Heels: A Memoir of Grit and Grace, Mary A. Perez

More than a memoir, this book is a promise of hope for anyone who was abandoned as a child, to anyone who woke up hungry and went to bed hungrier every day, for every wife who has loved a husband who left bruises on her heart and on her body.

Somewhere between stealing cold cuts from stray cats and watching a stranger leave her mother’s bed after breaking in through their bedroom window, Mary figured out that her family was dirt poor. Worse than her empty stomach, she was hungry for acceptance and love. She thought she found it when her baby sister was born and she became her “mommy,” taking care of her needs as best as she could at the age of seven. Then she had to say goodbye over a small white casket.

Mary’s grandparents, first-generation immigrants from Puerto Rico, took her in and gave her a glimpse of faith and stability. For a brief, shining spell, she had a real home–until they decided that Mama needed her.

They may have been right, but Mama needed more than a little girl could give, and Mary lost her way again.

Just out of Juvy Hall, Mary found a knight in shining armor to take her away. She became a teenage bride to a man twice her age — a man as deeply enslaved to booze as every stepdad she’d had as a child. She loved him anyway and wore the bruises he gave her, even when she tried to leave him to give their children a better life.

Despite her fear and loneliness, she never imagined it would take a gunshot in the middle of the night to teach her courage. She was even more surprised when her rediscovered faith paved the path to forgiveness after so many years of pain.

Running in Heels is an autobiography of the grit and grace that carried a young girl through the shadows of her mother’s choices and on through an abusive marriage. Mary A. Pérez narrates an incredible story of survival in the face of hopelessness, and learning to forgive against all odds.

Running in Heels: A Memoir of Grit and Grace is a poignant, moving read that made me feel a lot of host of different emotions. This moving piece of non-fiction may be hard-hitting at times, but it is an essential read because it will make the reader aware, and shed light on a subject and happenings that not too many people think about. That is why already I have to implore you lovely readers to read this moving memoir; it is beautiful, heart-breaking and touching all at the same time, and you will not be disappointed if you read it.

Running in Heels is written by the lovely Mary A. Perez. Perez takes the reader on the journey of her life, starting from her childhood to her adulthood. Perez begins her tale with her youth; she describes how she was raised with an abusive alcoholic, who so happens to be her mother and how her father was absent. Perez always longed for more so when she meets the man of her dreams, she marries him and thinks their lives will be perfect after that. However soon cracks start to appear in her husband, and she soon realizes that he is not prince charming after all and in fact, he is hell itself. Perez is brave in her story-telling, she talks about the painful, unpleasant periods of her life candidly and honestly but she also takes the reader on her journey of finding love and happiness. I have read many memoirs but never have I read one that is so moving and candid, so I applaud Perez for sharing her story with us readers.

Perez has written her story in a way which speaks to the reader. At the core of her story is the tone of refusing to be a victim and that there is hope, even after a traumatic period. Her inspiring words and lessons laced throughout have made me want to be a better human being… I love when a memoir makes me feel this way. I love feeling inspired and wanting to be a better human, so again, I applaud Perez for her talent to reach me, and hopefully the rest of her readers to feel this way.

Perez is a fantastic writer, and I was impressed by the high quality of her words, she has poured her heart and soul into her book, and has been so open. I admire her for this and her message of hope which is prominent throughout her book. Perez is a good human being… the world may be full of terrible people but if there are more people like Perez then the world would be ok.

To conclude my thoughts on this sensational book, I would say if you are looking to read a beautiful, moving, elegantly written memoir that will entertain you then this wonderful book is for you! This book gets Five Stars!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers, I deeply appreciate it and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on Running in Heels; do you see yourself reading this book? Is it not your usual cup of tea? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!  

Goodbye for now book lovers,   

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