Megan O’Mara has been waiting four years and 319 days for Michael Flynn to fulfill his promise to marry her. She’s done waiting. With just a few months left before her 21st birthday, she counts up all of the pin money she’s saved to give her and Michael a start in their married life and uses it to buy passage on a ship to America and then a ticket on the stagecoach that will take her halfway across the country to Emerson, Colorado where she plans to confront the man who’s broken her heart.
Michael Flynn worked his way West from New York City where he got off the boat from Ireland five years before. He’s promised Meg, his sweetheart back home, that he’d be back in five years to marry her. But by buying his way into a card game to double his money and return to Ireland a well-propertied man that Meg could be proud of goes awry when he wins—and then is shot and robbed by the very same man he cleaned out at the poker table.
Will Meg be able to reach Michael in time to save him?

C.H. Admirand is one of my favorite authors of all-time which is no surprise considering she writes beautiful, Ireland/Colorado based stories that feature strong women and sometimes charming men. There is beauty in Admirand’s words, and this has struck me in each book she has written. For Love of Flynn is book five in her Irish Western series and although it may be a short book, it is utterly brilliant! Once again Admirand has made me fall in love with her beautiful literature; Admirand’s books are the definition of a perfect book to pick up when you want to escape. Her works have made me fall in love with romance and literature all over again, and with each and every book she has been able to flawlessly transport me to serene Colorado and beautiful Ireland. She truly is a fantastic author, so if you are a reader who adores historical romance then it would be a crime for you not to read this book!

For Love of Flynn is a beautiful novel about true love, and impatiently waiting for marriage. It follows the beautiful protagonist of the story called Megan O’Mara as she waits and waits for her beloved to return home to her. However, her love, Michael Flynn has been taking an awfully long time, so she decides that enough is enough and that they need to marry soon. So Megan makes the brave and bold decision to pack up all her belongings, count all the money she has saved and buy a ticket on a ship that will take her to the land of the free – America. Michael Flynn promised Megan that he would return back home in five years to marry her after he had many his money. However, Michael starts gambling the money he does make in the hope that he will be able to make enough to set Michael and Megan up for life. The premise of For Love of Flynn is just this and let me tell you book lovers, it is stunning!

The story of For Love of Flynn is one that really moved me. I can see both points of view, I can resonate with the impatience Megan feels about waiting, but then I can make sense of Michaels need to want more money to set himself and Megan up for life. He has good intentions, but I admit, I side with Megan on this one because she, like me, is not a materialistic woman and all she wants is Michael, not anything flashy or an abundance of money, just Michael and that to me is incredibly touching.

As I mentioned previously in my review, For Love of Flynn is written by the magnificent C.H. Admirand. Her talented writing can only be described as stellar and will engross readers from very early on. Her beautiful, lengthy descriptions once again make me able to perfectly imagine every event and every place that takes place in her story. For Love of Flynn is a very short book but do not let this fact make you think that it is lackluster. It may be short, but it is still full of a wealth of detail and beautiful descriptions and narration. Because of how much I loved For Love of Flynn, I have no choice but to award this mesmerizing piece of literature a gleaming Five Stars! Please book lovers, read this fantastic book and be engrossed from beginning to end. Be sure to check out the previous four books and keep an eye out for book six which is on the horizon! I promise you will not be disappointed book lovers.

Thank you so much for reading book lovers, I appreciate it so much and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on For the Love of Flynn; do you see yourself reading this book? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!  

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