The Stronghold, Sebastian Bendix

18-year-old Bowie is the envy of his peers; the sharpest eye with a rifle, deadly as a viper … Continue Reading

Earth’s Blood, Ethan Holmes

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Antiquity’s Gate: Sanctuary, R.F. Hurteau

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The Little Life of Richie Millipede, M. Reese Kennedy

Seven newborns enter the world optimized, minimized and cocooned in glass. Prodigious and problematic, they’ll be out ahead … Continue Reading

It’s a Nightmare, Nicole Quinn

Where will we be in a million years?  Mina, a rogue DreamWeaver, is born in the Off-grid of … Continue Reading

The Living and The Dead, Sara Furlong-Burr

Dying is optional. Living is forbidden. The year is 2111, and scientists have discovered how to cheat death … Continue Reading

The Human Race, Tahnee Fritz

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