The Necklace: The Dusky Club June 1962, Linda S. Rice

What if you could travel back into the past to meet the man of your dreams at a … Continue Reading

Sandbox: A Novel, Kim…

When Frenchman Baru Masort sits down on a Paris city bench next to a distraught but beautiful woman, he’s too overcome with desire to realize that she might just be the ticket to America he’s been dreaming of. After only one night of explosive love-making, … Continue Reading

Thunderbolt: The Merge, T.J.…

Living a life of law and structure, Kariana finds herself needing and wanting more, searching for forbidden excitement. Kariana finds herself transported to a world where she’s able to define her existence through love, hope, and sexuality. Finding spirituality and self-growth, Kariana connects to more … Continue Reading

Oceans Apart, C.F. Corbett

Kate Armstrong has a horrific secret-a secret she hasn’t shared with anyone-a secret from her past-a secret that nearly ended her life. She’s in constant battle to bury her horrid past and feel whole again, when she meets the strikingly handsome English lawyer, Stephen McGilveroy. … Continue Reading

The Earl’s Error, Kathy…

Will his purchased second-chance destroy the one person he’s trying to save? Lorelei Grey, the countess of Kimpton, carries her love for her husband hidden deep within her heart. When she learns he’s exiled her brother from England she is beyond devastated. But what is … Continue Reading

Wednesday Wives Club, Cynthia…

Wednesday Wives Club is a provocative look at four strong, intelligent women taking control of their lives and marriages. Four women gather every other Wednesday to quilt. Stitching turns to advice when, one by one, they reveal their marital struggles. They encourage and support each … Continue Reading

Waking Chaos, T.L. Callahan

Wealth. Desire. Power. All could be yours in the Paldimori Games.  Lia Davies’ quiet life starts spiraling out of control when she becomes the center of the biggest scandal to ever hit her small town. Spurned by the art community she loves and in jeopardy … Continue Reading