From Darkest Skies, Sam…

After a five year sabbatical following the tragic death of his wife and fellow agent Alysha, Keona Rause returns to the distant colony world of Magenta to resume service with the Magentan Intelligence Service. With him he brings an artificial recreation of his wife’s personality, … Continue Reading

Project Genesis, J.L. Stowers

Global Terrorism. An uncertain future.  Can a cache of long-lost documents save the world?  In a desperate move, … Continue Reading

Into the Wilderness, Pamela Ackerson

The time-travel saga continues with book 2. A magnificent timeless adventure that tugs at the heart, weighs the … Continue Reading

The Pearl of Immortality, Nishi Singh

A world exists that is dominated by the forces of Light and Dark magic. A world where The … Continue Reading

The Order of St.…

When evil spirits invade only one eccentric genius can stop them. Meet Hutchins, Bud Hutchins. From J.B. Michaels, the author of the critically-acclaimed, The Tannenbaum Tailors and the Secret Snowball, comes The Order of St. Michael: A Bud Hutchins Thriller. A grisly murder ties to … Continue Reading

Drones, Wilson Freighter

Coined a ‘MASTER STORYTELLER’, Wilson Freighter pens a gripping story of a family struggling against the military might of an alien force. Set in modern-day Britain, Drones follows the trials and tribulations of the Dashwood family. “SPELLBINDING” “Drones by Wilson Freighter is a spellbinding first … Continue Reading

Ancient Illumination, Rod Van Blake

During the days of the Cro-Magnon, beings of pure light came to Earth to make an attempt at … Continue Reading