is a paid book reviewing website in which the owner, Aimee Ann, is paid a fee to write a book review(s) for authors. The purchase of each review is ethical and legal, all authors are informed of the service, and everything on Aimee Ann’s website is regulated and monitored so that she can continue to review books for authors and generate desired publicity.

All reviews which are written on redheadedbookloverblog. com are honest and unbiased. Aimee Ann will never write false and or fake reviews as she believes this is highly unethical. Aimee Ann’s goal with her website is to make sure she is honest and upfront about the fact that she is a paid book reviewer. Aimee Ann is a paid reviewer, however, the fee she receives does not influence her reviews in any way, and this is expressed to all authors she works with.

Aimee Ann loves to write honest reviews so that readers (consumers) can make an informed decision on whether they would like to buy the book(s) reviewed. All proceeds made through the Amazon affiliate marketing is donated to two Military related charities. Please use this link: Give Back to our Wounded Heroes – to read all about the charities Aimee Ann donates her earnings to. Reviews are only ever posted on, the only other place she will post a review is a website that allows paid book reviews.

Overall Aimee Ann is a woman who strives to be an honest, fair, and a reliable book reviewer who works with authors, side by side, every step of the way to help them in their goals to enhance discoverability.