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Hi there book lovers! Today I will not be writing a Book Review but rather my first Author Spotlight! For my first Author Spotlight, I will be featuring a wonderful author named Mike Miller; Mike Miller is a Philadephia native and this is all I have been told to say about Miller! Miller wants to keep his private life private and I respect this so I am going to go great ahead and discuss his novel Worthy of this Great City!

Ruth Askew, a local celebrity pushed to extremes, is spouting some highly incompetent philosophy about the end of virtue. Con Manos, a journalist, is searching for certainty, meanwhile attempting to uncover a political scandal or two. Add in some undistinguished members of Philadelphia City Council, a popular radio station, a disorganized charity, a prestigious newspaper, and any number of lawyers and other professional criminals. In Worthy Of This Great City the compelling stories of two stubborn individualists intertwine in a scathing satire that invites you to question everything you think you think about today’s most discussed issues: populism and elitism, the possibility of truth, the power of profound stupidity, and the limits of personal responsibility in these post-truth, morally-uncertain times.

If the synopsis of Worthy of This Great City intrigues you then please read the preview at the bottom of this page! When I talked to Mike Miller I knew that I wanted to ask him three questions and here are these questions with the author’s answers!

What inspired you to write?

I never didn’t write. I wasn’t inspired or even consulted. It’s my normal. I love paper, its feel and how entire universes wait inside its blank white weight. And here’s another question I have trouble with: When do you find time to read so much? That’s like asking: When do you find time to breathe? None of it makes any sense to me.

When can we expect to see more wonderful books from you?  

I’m working on another novel that centers around a political asylum case, although it’s ultimately about a great deal more than immigration. I hope it’ll be available early next year.

Lastly, what would your advice be for aspiring writers?  

I would say be as persistent as your talent demands, which advice implies a duty to read – in your own genre, of course, but everything else too. And it additionally implies an obligation to ignore everything you’ve just read and write what you have to.

Below I have attached links that apply to the author so please do have a look at them if the author and his book appeals to you! Thank you so much for reading my first ever Author Spotlight! I am still very new to this so please comment suggestions on what you would like to see in my Author Spotlights. Thank you for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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I like that you’re going to make this a thing. Author interviews always fascinate me, as I get to learn more about them and their creative processes.

Hi there! Thank you so much for commenting. I am so sorry but I speak to so many authors so I have to ask, did you email me asking for me to review your book?

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