Deeply Flawed, Ro Ruffalo

What would you do for 6 seconds of perfect bliss? In Deeply Flawed: The Zombie Apocalypse, a new synthetic drug called Primal is giving users the ultimate rush. There‚Äôs just one teensy side effect – a mad craving for human flesh. The creator of this … Continue Reading

Autumn Lady, AnneMarie Dapp

Mara McClain is a young Irish immigrant looking to begin anew in Victorian-era San Francisco, after the California … Continue Reading

The Enlightened Caregiver, Tanna…

Tanna Marshall has created a helpful, compassionate guide that provides holistic care for caregivers and their loved ones, including tips and resources to maintain health in body, mind, and spirit, all based on the author’s personal experience as her mother’s full-time caregiver. The emphasis is … Continue Reading

Jean Brashear, Author Spotlight

Today I will be featuring a wonderful author called Jean Brashear for my author spotlight. Jean is a Texas romance author who adores writing romance as well as women’s fiction. Brashear is a talented author who also happens to be a New York Times and … Continue Reading