The Butcher’s Daughter, Mark M. McMillin

Displaying ButchersDaughterEbook-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700.jpgIn an age ruled by iron men, in a world of new discovery and Spanish gold, a young Irishwoman named Mary rises from the ashes of her broken childhood with ships and men-at-arms under her command. She and her loyal crew prowl the Caribbean and prosper in the New World for a time until the ugly past Mary has fled from in the old one finds her.

Across the great ocean to the east, war is coming. The King of Spain is assembling the most powerful armada the world has ever seen – an enormous beast – to invade England and depose the Protestant “heretic queen.” To have any chance against the wealth and might of Spain, England will need every warship, she will need every able captain. To this purpose, Queen Elizabeth spares Mary from the headman’s ax for past sins in exchange for her loyalty, her ships, and men.

Based on true historical events, this is a tale about war, adventure, love, and betrayal. This is a story about vengeance, this is a tale of heartbreak…

The Butcher’s Daughter is a charming, thrilling novel that has made me fall in love with historical fiction all over again. This incredible novel enchanted me both with its beautiful, descriptive literature as well as the incredible characters we encounter along the way. The Butchers Daughter is a read that will keep you engrossed enthralled and enchanted until the very last page. This book was so phenomenal and addictive that I found it unputdownable…in other words I was impatient as I moved to the next page thanks to the novels engrossing literature, riveting plot and let’s not forget, astonishing characters All of these factors combined make The Butcher’s Daughter one of my favourite reads of 2017, it is a triumphant piece of fiction from a wordsmith extraordinaire and you will not be disappointed if you read it! 

The synopsis of The Butcher’s Daughter revolves around the life of an Irish pirate queen in the Elizabethan period. I absolutely adored this, I adore any kind of book to do with pirates and I especially love any book with Irish characters as I am half Irish so this was wonderful to read! The novel focuses on the protagonist of the novel and this is Mary. Mary gives the reader a unique insight into the life of a pirate and especially the life of a woman pirate! All whilst the reader is on a journey with Mary, the reader is taught a history lesson as many aspects in this novel are fact and so it makes the novel even more incredible read, if you are a reader who adores historical fiction then you really must read this! 

The characters our author Mark McMillin has created were incredible, vivid and intriguing. They were perfect additions to an already perfect story; The whole way through my journey of reading this book I was invested in every one of them, I rooted for them, and I prayed that they would end up with all that they had wished for. 

McMillin has managed to take the reader on a fascinating journey back through the decades. He eloquently places the reader right in the middle of the Elizabethan period and you feel as if you are right there, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle. The action within this novel is fast and the writing enthralling, it is an epic tale of pirates, history and lastly, revenge! The novel has a plot that has surprised me more than once thanks to its captivating and absorbing nature; one thing is for certain when you read The Butchers Daughter and that is you will never be bored reading because it is a diverse all-consuming assault of brilliance that will keep you motivated to read until the very end, it is like the author has a binding spell on you and the only way to break this spell is to fully immerse yourself in the novels layers upon layers of excellence and brilliance. 

To summarise my thoughts on this swooping tale I would say if you adore historical fiction novels surrounding the Elizabethan era then you will adore this novel because it has great historical fiction as well as many other wonderful things. This enchanting novel gets Five Stars from me!

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