What If: An Anthology…

Asking the simple question What If, where the answer is expressed in eleven stories from this author’s first anthology of short stories, Kerry ONeal pushes the limits of imagination from a bucket list we’re all challenged to complete before the end of our life, to … Continue Reading

Charade, Jade C. Jamison

No kissing necessary. Definitely no sex. Erica Larson had dreamed of being a lawyer for as long as she could remember, but the job at Ford & Associates—a family business run by a father and his three sons—is sheer drudgery. Erica is ready to pull … Continue Reading

The REP, Terrence Damon…

We have all felt it at one time or another, the anger towards a rude customer who aggressively demands the attention of a customer service representative, using foul language, name calling and threats to get what they want. Our understanding, compassion or fear of the … Continue Reading

The Keystone, Ethan Holmes

My name is Titus Kofi and it’s not pronounced like the drink. I took this gig working at The Keystone Hotel. What can I say? It pays the bills. The owners, a greedy bunch of locals who are all part of one not-so-happy family and … Continue Reading

Diamonds 101: A Diamond…

Do you know what it takes to buy diamonds, or diamond jewelry, at the right price? Do you know the tricks that unscrupulous sales people will use to overcharge you? In Diamond 101 – A Diamond Buyers Guide, the Author (accredited by the Gemological Institute … Continue Reading