In the mid-sixties Therrie receives a letter from an unknown soldier serving overseas. Falling hopelessly in love, she is catapulted on a course of love and adventure, unprepared for heartache and pain long after the Vietnam War is over. Plagued by heartbreaking memories, Therrie travels to South-East Asia where she is confronted with the past she is trying to flee. Accompanied by Veterans who are battling their own demons, Therrie ventures into the steamy jungles of Vietnam that hold dark secrets of battle in the aftermath of war. When Therrie learns of the heartbreaking betrayal that altered her life, she flees into war-torn Cambodia where she finds peace amongst the young survivors and learns to love again. 

When Tears Ran Dry is a beautiful, moving piece of literature that I can now happily call one of my favorite historical romances of all time. When Tears Ran Dry is a novel that deeply moved me thanks to the themes explored in its literature, subjects such as war – specifically the Vietnam War -, lost love and the discovery to finding oneself. All of these topics combined are profound and made When Tears Ran Dry a memorable read for me that I will struggle to forget for a long time.

When Tears Ran Dry is a historical romance/military fiction novel that is set in the mid-sixties and follows the star of the story, Therrie. Therrie is a beautiful, somewhat naïve woman who receives a letter from an unknown soldier and when she does, she finds herself falling head over heels for him. Her love for this at first unknown soldier will take her on a profound adventure in which she will experience heartache, loss and haunting memories. The reader will follow Therrie on her journey to South-East Asia where she will have to confront the past she so desperately tried to flee. Along the way, she will be accompanied by Veterans who all are suffering from their own emotions thanks to the PTSD caused by the Vietnam War. What happens next is a genuinely gripping, phenomenal story that makes me smile even thinking about it and that book lovers, is the power of When Tears Ran Dry.

It is no surprise that I was always destined to love When Tears Ran Dry thanks to its themes of love and the military. These are two themes I love to read about in a novel, especially themes about the military as my husband is a Marine, so I am very proud of all those that serve and have served. The story written throughout this book is poignant and will move every reader thanks to the sometimes upsetting themes explored. I love everything about the incredible story laced throughout this book but what I adore is the author’s writing and her extraordinary sensitivity to an upsetting subject and for her admiration for all those that have served.

Vivian Waring is the author of the sensational When Tears Ran Dry and her words are profounding and moving and compelled me to read for hours on end. I just could not put this book down thanks to the addictive narrative and beautiful descriptions laced throughout her literature. The descriptions of Vietnam, Cambodia and even Australia were stunning, some of the descriptions were brutal as Waring described the harsh landscapes of the war-torn parts of the particular country but they were still all stunning thanks to her descriptive powers.

As When Tears Run Dry is a deeply moving book that is important as well as entertaining, I have no choice but to award this book a dazzling Five Stars.

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on When Tears Ran Dry; do you see yourself reading this book? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!

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An author couldn’t ask for a better review from Aimee. Her remarks brought on a tear even though I’m the author of ‘When Tears Ran Dry’ a fictional, novel that is based on my own personal experiences .

Thank you so much Vivian! Your book is incredible and I adored every moment of it so thank you for writing such a brilliant story!

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