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A work of literary fiction based on true events that follows the lives of three ordinary people: Born into a migrant family, Lucia worked the fields and witnessed first-hand hardship and abuse. When she moved into the rancher’s home, she met and later married his son. After all, white men don’t beat their wives. How was she to know? Blinded by the love he had for his father, Julian, didn’t see the abuse. When his mother took him away, he felt unwanted and unloved; jealous of a younger brother who seemed to be the golden child. Until that day in September 2001, when the hidden hand that moved them on their journey was finally laid to bare. Mateo’s own issues were unknown and unseen by most as he struggled to grow from boy to man. The events of his past always got in the way of his journey. If ever he was to traverse his future, he had to first learn to move beyond his past.

The Ordinary Life: Ordinary Lives. Extraordinary People, is an extraordinary book, just as the title suggests thanks to its exceptional, emotional, and engrossing storyline that had me hooked from the very start. I was gripped by this piece of literary fiction very soon because it is incredibly poignant thanks to its moving, almost poetic prose and examination of hardships that many human beings face in the world today. The story made for a remarkable one which I will not forget for a long time and so already I have to recommend this book for those that love literary fiction; especially the ones which feature poignant themes.

The Ordinary Life follows three ordinary, but extraordinary people. Lucia is one of these extraordinary people, she is a woman who has known only abuse and sadness and this is further fuelled when she decides to marry a son of a rancher who has a habit of mistreating those around him. The second ordinary but extraordinary person is Julian, a man who does not recognize the abuse that has occurred around him and lastly, the third ordinary but the extraordinary person is Mateo, a man with broad underlining issues who struggles to put on a brave face to the world.

These three characters stories are examined in the most beautiful but moving of ways thanks to the author Mario Kiefer. Mario Kiefer turns these three character stories into character studies that will enchant and engross his readers with ease. Kiefer manages to accomplish this with his stunning prose, poignant themes and of course excellent characterization.

Mario Kiefer is an author whose book I adore, and I admit, I have only newly discovered his work but his literature is phenomenal and will engross many readers who love many genres. His book The Ordinary Life could easily be read by anybody who adores the art of literature as it is timeless. Even fantasy readers could gain enjoyment from this book because its story is original, creative and also inspired by true events. The story of this book is one that deeply moved me, I particularly loved Lucia’s story, it was hard to read at times because of the hardships she has encountered, but even though it can make for difficult reading, her story is still inspirational and is a real journey.

I love books that take me on a journey, and Mario Kiefer most certainly does this through his three primary characters. As the story of this book is so phenomenal and absorbing, I have no choice but to award it Five Stars! So please, if you adore literary fiction than read this book as you will not regret it!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on The Ordinary Life; do you see yourself reading this book? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!

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Thank you for the very kind review! Writing “The Ordinary Life’ was a work of passion for me, inspired, as it is, by true events. I hope that I achieved the goal of demonstrating how perspective is determined by one’s seat at the table and how we each are influenced by events – often hidden from ourselves – that inform the person that we become.

Thank you for your kind comment Mario! Your book is incredible and I loved every moment of it so thank you for writing such a wonderful story!

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