When Reece and Zita become lovers, past and present collide as the spirits of their ancestors force them to relive one of the greatest battles of the 16th century.

Xaghra’s Revenge follows the fate of a sixteenth-century abducted family, and of two contemporary lovers thrown together by the ancients. Reece and Zita are unaware that one descends from the pirates, the other from the abducted family. While ancient Gozo spirits seek revenge, so do the Ottoman Corsairs, who intend to roll back history, and this time win the siege of Malta.

The history is real. The places are authentic. The tension and excitement are palpable.

Xaghra’s Revenge is a novel written by the talented Geoff Nedler that has astounded me so much with its exceptionality that I am speechless. As I begin to write my review for Xaghra’s Revenge, I find myself struggling to find the words that do this book justice; this is because no amount of words will be able to justify just how brilliant as well as extraordinary this book is and how much I loved it. Xaghra’s Revenge is a novel that combines fiction with history, and the result is a timeless novel that will captivate many readers for hours on end.

Xaghra’s Revenge is a novel with many layers and many themes which are all perfectly blended together to make one outstanding story. The story follows Reece and Zita, the two protagonists of the tale as they become lovers. When they do become lovers past and present will weave together and what ensues next for them is an incredible adventure that will take them on an incredible journey; one that the readers of the story will not be able to simply forget. The story will follow Reece and Zita as well as a sixteenth-century family who has been abducted. Their fate is sealed however ancient Gozo spirits want revenge, and the Ottoman Corsairs wish to change the course of history.

The scope of the story of Xaghras’s Revenge is vast and impeccably well developed. The creation of the lands the reader encounters is enough to send the readers mind into visual overdrive imagining every detail thanks to Nelder’s impeccable descriptions of the lands. The story is a remarkable one, and Nelder certainly has a talent for weaving past with preset and fiction with fantasy. The historical elements within this book were astonishing and I found myself learning while reading which is always a quality I love in a book. To be informed of real-life events while being captivated by an outstanding story makes for exciting reading so already I have to applaud Nelder on his talent for wiring and captivating his reader.

Geoff Nelder is an author whose work I admire for many reasons, I adore him for his incredible story, brilliant writing but also because of the wealth of knowledge he has included in his book. As I just mentioned, the history within this book is outstanding, but it is only so because of Nelders research into real-life events and situations which are not widely written about in literature, let alone nonfiction books. The amount of research he must have conducted to get this book as great as it is is exceptional and for that, he will always have my praise and admiration.

As Xaghra’s Revenge is a unique novel that weaves history with fiction and a story that will entertain readers with its genius plot and enthralling characters, I have no choice but to award this stunning piece of fiction Five Stars!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much and love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please, comment below and let me know your thoughts on Xaghra’s Revenge; do you see yourself reading this book? Let me know all of those brilliant thoughts of yours below! Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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