The Lord Jesus Healed Me: The Journey of an Atheist to the Truth, Tony Myers

In our darkest seasons of life, we often feel there is nowhere to turn. Tony Myers not only understands what this is like, but he is here to share his story and words of hope.

The Lord Jesus Healed Me is the heartfelt and breathtaking memoir about one man’s transformation from a dying man without faith to a healed man with Jesus. Readers get a glimpse into the childhood and adult years that threatened to lose Myers in darkness, as well as his descent into a mysterious neurological disease that closely resembled ALS.

When the symptoms of an unknown neurological disease began to emerge in Myers’s body when he was an adult, he found himself lost. It was only when he began to accept Jesus into his heart and understand the sacrifices the Lord had gone through for him that hope began to blossom in Myers’s soul.

This incredible story of miraculous healing is one that will leave you in awe of the power of Jesus Christ. As Myers shares stories of other healings he’s witnessed since his own, you’ll remember how the guiding light of our Lord not only heals our bodies; it heals our lives.

The Lord Jesus Healed Me is an inspirational, moving story about one man’s journey to believing in Christ. The story is a moving one thanks to its profound moments and poignant themes and made me feel a host of different emotions throughout the course of this book.

The Lord Jesus Healed Me is a religious book that focuses on Christianity and Christ and all of his glory. The book is a memoir that is written by Tony Myers, who narrates his life perfectly for his readers and opens on on his journey to believing in Christianity. Tony Myers had a troubled past as he abused alcohol as well as drugs and because of this, he thought that he was not worthy of God’s love. When two of Tony friends tragically passed, Tony made the bold statement that God did not exist and so at this point in his life he would define himself as an Atheist.

Tony Myers was an Atheist for over forty-three years, however, when he met Deb, his now wife, he saw the pure love of Christ, and from this point onwards, he started to regain faith which was a welcome change from his life of addiction and disorder. Sadly, Tony would soon struggle as he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder and soon he was paralyzed and in need of a wheelchair. At this point in his life, he decided to accept Christ as he had regained his faith and welcomed him into his heart and so he was baptized, in his wheelchair and then miraculously healed.

The story of Tony Myer’s life is quite simply sensational. What I admire most about this book is that Tony shares that he was an Atheist but the fact that he was able to find his way back to Christianity shows us, readers, the real power of Christ. Tony’s story at times was heart-wrenching, particularly when he lost two of his friends as well as when he was paralyzed due to a cruel disorder but although this book has many tragic moments, it is mostly an uplifting book about finding God in the darkest of times and the power Christ has.

Not only is Tony an incredible man but he is also an excellent writer. The words in his memoir are incredibly passionate, his passion for Christ shone off the page beautifully and had me turning the pages at an alarming rate. His fluid, flawless writing was a gem to read and get lost in and so I have no choice but to award this stunning memoir Five Stars!

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The review really captured, my heart and intent of writing my story. Great news as well, the kindle book is on sale for only .99 cents till Feb. 17, 2018. Now’s the time to get it! My desire in writing my story and publishing it, is for readers to know the Love of Christ. Nothing is impossible, no matter your circumstance. This book will encourage and create an eager anticipation for help from Jesus in the time of need. No matter the circumstances. God Bless.

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