On a foggy summer night, eleven people–ten privileged, one down-on-his-luck painter–depart Martha’s Vineyard headed for New York. Sixteen minutes later, the unthinkable happens: the passengers disappear into the ocean. The only survivors are Scott Burroughs–the painter–and a four-year-old boy, who is now the last remaining member of a wealthy and powerful media mogul’s family.

With chapters weaving between the aftermath of the tragedy and the backstories of the passengers and crew members–including a Wall Street titan and his wife, a Texan-born party boy just in from London, a young woman questioning her path in life, and a career pilot–the mystery surrounding the crash heightens. As the passengers’ intrigues unravel, odd coincidences point to a conspiracy: Was it merely dumb chance that so many influential people perished? Or was something far more sinister at work? Events soon threaten to spiral out of control in an escalating storm of media outrage and accusations–all while the reader draws closer and closer to uncovering the truth.

Before the Fall is a thrilling mystery and I am so happy to have read it! This is a rare book, a book which does not rely on cheap thrills or lackluster mystery but rather a book that looks below the surface with a deep intricate plot and I loved it! The plot of this novel and the characters within this novel will stay with me for a long time and I hope that you read it so it will stay with you for a long time too!

The plot of the novel is very simple. A small plane carrying 11 passengers crashes and only two survive. Β The two survivors are a painter named Scott who has a troubled past and a four-year-old boy named J.J. (who Scott had managed to save). As soon as the aircraft goes down there is speculation amongst the media and tabloids. There is speculation about how this had happened and why it could have. Whether it was an accident or a targeted attack because of the 11 passengers a few of them were controversial figures… could they have been targeted? Is our survivor Scott a Villain or the good guy? Either way, he has lost all right to his privacy in the media. The questions keep racing through your mind throughout this novel and it makes one hell of a mystery.

There is more to this story than it being an edge on your seat thriller. Instead, it takes you on a behind the scenes look at all the people we see on our television screens after every disaster we witness. It also shows you the role of the media in installing outrage in the viewing public and creating and fabricating conspiracies. This is a very important theme because we see this all too often in the media today. The media is great in the form that it educates you on what is happening but the majority of stories are fabricated to dangerous levels and fabricated beyond belief. This theme reminded me of Gone Girl and the role of the media and lack of privacy which was portrayed in that novel (which is one of my favorites by the way!).

The narrative winds back and forth between the present and the past and examines the events leading up to the crash and the consequences after it. The cleverly written narrative gives us a look into the lives of the people who died in the crash and the two survivors. It also shows us the government agencies from around the world who are trying to solve this mystery by looking for debris of the crash and their search for the black box etc; it makes for such a gripping read. I think our author Hawley has done a magnificent job in giving us readers an in-depth look into what happens behind the scenes of a disaster. I personally have been guilty of always wondering what is happening in those newsrooms around the world, how the knowledge they share with us has come into being and what they, in turn, had to do to secure that knowledge, so being able to witness this was fascinating to me!

HawleyΒ is not only a magnificent writer but also a wonderful storyteller. His writing is very well written and constructed incredibly well all whilst being extremely fascinating. This comes to no surprise to me reading recently that Noah Hawley produced and wrote the hit FX television series Fargo. I personally loved that TV series, especially the first series so the fact that he wrote that and has now written a novel is beyond me and if you did love Fargo or the new series Legion (which he also produced) then you will fall madly in love with this novel! This novel itself is like a TV show, that is how it unraveled in my mind. I heard some news recently too that this book is being made into a movie, where Hawley will write the screenplay and James Cameron will direct… I mean come on, James Cameron! He is one of the most famous and well-accomplished directors we have today so the fact that he has put his name to this means that it must be good!

To summarise my thoughts I would say that if you love mysteries which keep you hooked and asking questions to the very end then this novel is for you! Every single chapter was so brilliantly written and so enthralling. They all tied in beautifully together to make one masterpiece of a hauntingly brilliant story. Before the Fall gets Four Stars from me!

Thank you so much for reading! I know I say this all the time but I do really appreciate it! Comment below whether you have read this novel or if you would consider reading it. It is truly magnificent and I truly believe all of you will adore it! Let me know also whether you love mysteries as a genre and whether you have ever watched Fargo! Thank you so much for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

P.S. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! If you have loved what you have read and want to buy the wonderful novel then you can click the buy on Amazon button and it will take you straight to Amazon U.K.! If you are international then click the Book Depository link underneath it! Thank you so much again for reading!

Book Depository /Β Publisher; Hodder & Stoughton

Thank you so much again for reading!Β 

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I just finished reading this book! You have captured the essence of this book really well. I think I was fascinated by how the media was portrayed in this book. Such a reality check.
I have done a review on my blog as well, if you fancy a read sometime.

Hi there! Thank you so much for this kind comment! I appreciate this and your kind words so much. Also I am sorry for my delayed response I have only seen this now! I am going to reply to your message properly after this one (:

I am so thrilled that you enjoyed this book also, it truly is wondeful isnt it! It also is very insightful about the media, I found it so interesting!

So have you ever watched Fargo? The author of his novel wrote that series so I was curious as to whether you had ever seen it.

I actually haven’t watched Fargo, but my very good friend, watches it and swears by it!

Your friend sounds great because he is so right!

It truly is an incredible show, just please watch the first series, this is the best one and it really is incredible. Plus I think it is actually based on a real event that happened which makes it even more gripping!

Actually it WAS based on a real event because I just remembered they say this at the beginning of the show.

Do you enjoy any Tv shows? (:

Also what are you reading currently I would love to know! Sorry also for my questions, I am very talkative and chatty as I am sure you can see!

Haha! I like chatty! Otherwise I feel like my comments are floating around in cyberspace somewhere. I just finished ‘When Dimple met Rishi’ and am in the midst of writing a review for that. Not sure what to pick up next. Though my tbr pile is a mile high!

I have heard of this book a lot lately but have not heard anything about the actual plot so can you please let me know a bit more!

Sure. Quite briefly, it is about two young adults who are about to start college and have met up at a summer program. The meet up is not by chance, but somehow orchestrated by their parents. I did a spoiler free review on my blog, with some more details if you fancy a read.

This book really does sound great! I am going to read your spoiler free review, thanks so much!

Also, where are you from in the world? (: If you do not mind me asking.

Currently, living in Qatar. Moved here from the US. Born in Canada, and grandparents are from Pakistan. This is the simple version answer of where I am from πŸ™‚

Oh wow this is so incredible, so you are well travelled!

Where did you live in Canada? I honeymooned in the Rockies there, it was beautiful!

We lived in Toronto! Honeymooned in Banff!

Aww how amazing! I’m curious though, I have never heard of Banff… where is this? (:


This book sat on my shelf for a long time, but I finally got around to reading it this year. I totally agree with your review. It was a really well-written book that isn’t your typical “trying to find out who-dunnit” thriller, but instead really goes through a character study of various levels of folk–the ultra-rich, the comfy rich, well-off, the poor, etc. There was a lot to the book, even though the plot was pretty simple.

Hi there! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. What is your name? (:

Byron. I’m new to blogging, so I’m still trying to figure out some of the norms and etiquette of it.

Aww how lovely! Do you have any questions or anything? I would love to help you! (:

Yes I too agree with everything you said. I love how it is not your traditional thriller. It was a character exploration novel almost and I adored it!

Are you excited about the movie adaptation? (:

The book was so internal, I’m not sure a movie adaptation would do it justice. I hope they don’t change the ending. Noah Hawley is very skilled, though, so it could be solid. Have they cast the movie yet?

I think it could still be a great movie because Noah hawley has already directed and wrote and he created Fargo the Tv series and I loved that! Plus they have James Cameron on to direct I believe (:

I don’t think they have but I haven’t checked so I will have to go and check on ImDb and let you know!

Thanks for reminding me (:


It was nice to read your thoughts.

I don’t know why, I just did not like this one. πŸ™‚ I had to put it down half way.

Thank you so much for commenting Prakash I appreciate it so much!

Oh no how come you didn’t like it I am interested (: maybe the movie would interest you more?

He he.. πŸ˜€ It just did not work with me..

Aww I guess it is not for everyone!

What do you typically read? (:

I dont have anything specific. Anything good works.. πŸ™‚

You are just like me. I read anything and everything!

He he.. good to hear that.. πŸ™‚


What are you reading right now? (:

Last month I had won a writing competition and won a book – “Mock, Stalk and Quarrel”. Reading that… πŸ™‚

How about you?

Aww amazing and right now I am reading the sequel to Luna new moon called Luna wolf moon. It is so good!

ohh!! here it is. Nice to hear that.. A good read is happiness! πŸ™‚

It really is! (:

How is your book going? (:

So far good… there??

Yeah it’s really great actually! Do you read much science fiction? If so you would love this series!

Not much. I had liked Martian. Will keep that in mind.. πŸ™‚

The Martian is really good! Did you get a chance to see the movie? To be honest I think I preferred the movie more than the book lol.

I saw the movie first and than the book. I have liked both.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

Aww great!

Did you prefer the book or the movie I am curious? (:

Well, I would say movie! πŸ™‚

I agree, the movie is amazing! (:

Do you watch many movies? (:

I would not say many. I do watch movies. πŸ™‚

Aww great! What kind of movies do you love? I am a real movie buff! (:

Haha aww bless.

Have you seen the Tv series Fargo? He wrote that (:

It was after knowing about TV series and its going to be a movie, I had opted to read this book.. πŸ™‚

Ahh I do that too! Lol.


Another great review – I love the sound of this one. Thank you so much for sharing:).

Thanks again for commenting and for your kind words!

Oh, no problem – I thoroughly enjoy interacting on the blog, though it is a time-swallower…

It does swallow a lot of time definitely! I only ever go on WordPress or write when my babies are asleep. I never ever have my phone out around my children or husband. My children have been brought up so that they are not consumed by technology. They don’t have tv’s in there room or anything and they don’t watch regular Tv. If they do we all watch a show or a movie as a family. I am just not the biggest fan of technology which is ironic because I do all of this! Lol.

Oh, I’m with you 100%. It makes my heart hurt to watch toddlers twisting around to get mummy to look at something, when she is locked into texting/phoning/whatever on her phone and happens allll the time:(.

Yes! Thank god I am not the only one who thinks this. Whenever I pick my eldest up from school I see so many mums who are on their phones and it makes me sick. The children come out waving their art work or any school work they have done because they are excited to show you and to see you and the parents just ignore them! It breaks my heart. Whenever I am with my children or husband they get my full attention. Also whenever I am at a meal or we are eating at the dinner table their is a no phone rule. So I am glad I am not the only one who thinks this! (:

Absolutely! You are spot on. When the grandchildren come to stay, the phone only gets used to text their mum or my students and like you, we don’t have phones at the table. And it’s not just children either – whenever we go out for a meal or coffee somewhere, I’m struck how many couples are busy stuck on their phones instead of talking to each other. So sad…

It is such a relief to hear this! My pet hate too is those couples and even families at restaurants who are literally ALL on their phone! I mean what? I dont understand it! Personally, I think meal time and going to restaurants is to communicate and talk about your day and week and laugh and smile and you literally see people just on their phones…even whilst eating!

I know – we all feel the same way, and so do the children which means when we get together, the phones all go off, except for my daughter’s partner who is often on call.

So happy I am not the only family who does this. Although my husband is keen too on not having his phone on sometimes he has to because of his job. He basically runs the whole town and when there is a hurricane on the way or any sort of emergency he has to have his phone on so he can organise everything!

Oh! And another pet hate also is the people who are on their phones whilst at the cinemas. That really angers me. I went recently with my husband (we are big film fans!) and there was these people in front of us and the whole time they were snapchatting the movie and taking photos and it made my blood boil lol.

I know what you mean! We were incredibly lucky to get tickets to see Kate Bush’s concert a couple of years ago and she made a point of asking the audience NOT to take any footage with phones/ipads, etc. and one person was escorted out by security. But everyone else complied and it was great. As folks are there, busy filming, you wonder how they can possibly be enjoying the experience.

Exactly, I don’t understand that too. Surely you can’t be enjoying the experience if you are constantly on your phone. They aren’t living in the present but almost a false reality. It’s so sad how people can’t just live in the present and enjoy it. That is so amazing how you saw Kate Bush though!

Honestly this book is so good, I am so happy I have discovered it too before it comes a huge hit when the movie is released!

One of my writing friends was enthusing about it, too. I’ll have to put it onto my wishlist!

Aww great! If ever you get a chance to read it you must come back and let me know how you found it! (:

Oh I will!

I’m curious as to whether you watch much Tv or if you have seen Fargo? (:

I do watch TV – I enjoy Major Crimes, Dark Matter, Vera and far too many quiz shows and reality-based shows where people cook, needlework and paint. I’m not very good at keeping up with series – is Fargo the western show where everyone is swearing themselves into the seven circles of Hell?

I love all those shows! Although I am in America I said to my husband BBC is essential so we have a cable with all those channels included! Did you ever watch line of duty? I am watching the rest at the moment and it’s amazing!

No – I have been watching Scott and Bailey – that’s amazingly good and they have been rerunning it. Oh, and I also love watching Gavin and Stacy…

I love Scott and Bailey! I have never actually watched Gavin and Stacy but my husband loves it… he watches more British tv than me!

If I’m a bit fed up, it invariably makes me grin:).

Haha I love that, that is me with so many tv shows too. For instance Line of Duty I literally look forward to it all week…is that bad? lol.

Well if it is, there are a lot of us apparently in trouble…:)

I love cooking and I love needle work! I make my own dresses and knit my babies little jumpers and socks all the time!

That’s wonderful:). There was a time when I did a lot of cooking and making things, when the children were little. But these days, I’m afraid my writing has swallowed up all that time and some… And the teaching, of course.

Writing is amazing though so stick with that. Besides, its your passion! (:

Oh, you’re right there! I couldn’t give it up, these days – I’m thoroughly addicted.

That makes me so happy that you are following and pursuing your passion! It is so sad that today we see many people not doing that because of fear or other reasons and it is sad so it is so refreshing to see this. Keep up the wonderful work! (:

Thank you!

And no, but that show sounds great! Fargo is a Tv series with billy bob Thornton and it is a crime show. the story follows this small town in Minnesota and this average man who has committed a horrible crime but he was led down this path by billy bond character and it’s just brilliant. They have another series too but I haven’t watched it yet, but it’s a different story but in the same town and the third will be like that too!

No… I haven’t come across that one. It sounds great though. We both enjoyed Longmire about a sherrif in a small town with an Indian reservation close by. That was great:).

Aww I will have to have a look at that one (:


I’m really looking forward to reading this book. Great review 😊

Thank you so much for commenting Book Whisperer! (Can I ask your real name?) (:

I am so glad you are looking forward to reading this book! It is so wonderful and I think you will really love it!

Are you going to try and get a copy soon? (: it is going to be such a hit, especially when the movie comes out!


Reblogged this on apboustead.

Wow thank you so much for re-blogging!

I appreciate it so much (:

What are your thoughts on this book? Do you think you could see yourself reading it? (:


Wow! Where do you find all these books!! I want to read them all!

Haha, I am so glad that you like the books I review!

The reason why I do this is because I love sharing wonderful books with wonderful readers!

Haha awww thanks I hope I’m a wonderful reader xD

You definitely are! The best lol (:

What are your thoughts on this book? (:

It sounds really amazing! An intriguing plot and I wonder how they are all tied in. Will definitely get this book!

Great! You will really love it. I know I always say this but you must come back and let me know what you think of it!

I just cant wait for the movie now, I think it will translate perfectly.

There’s a movie for it?? When? Who? What? !!!!

There will be! The author Noah Hawley is writing the screenplay and James Cameron is going to be directing!

Have you seen the Tv show Fargo or Legion? The author produced those shows also! (:

Yeha I have seen Legion. Wow then it should be good then!

Aww good! I haven’t actually seen it yet but I want to as I love x men!

And yes, when you read it more and more the best part is unraveling the mystery and finding out (:

Thank you so much for commenting too I appreciate it so much! I love talking with you about books (:


Its cool that he worked on Fargo.

Thank you so much for commenting Jon!

Your welcome!

(: (:


Haha, that is one of my favourite emojis!

Hah! Glad you love it.


Yes, it is very cool indeed! Did you ever watch the Tv Series? (:

No I haven’t yet!

Oh my gosh Jon you are missing out! The first series especially is just mind blowing, I loved it so much. They are making a third series at the moment too and it has some big stars in it!

Ah nice nice! I’ll have to check it out soon.

Yes definitely do so and what about the book? Do you think you will be picking it up anytime soon? (:

Not sure if I will, I barely have time to get into books these days.

That sucks when there is no time for reading. I have four babies, two of whom are new born twins and I find it so hard to find the time but when I do it is wonderful! (:

Oh wow! Seems like you really know how to find the time to read some good books!

Haha yeah.

Good to know. πŸ™‚

Do you think you will ever watch it? (:

Yeah I probably will.

Great! You will not regret it it is so brilliant. Sorry for being so talkative (my husband has always said I can talk for England!) but I am curious what other tv shows you watch, if any? (:

Good! Other shows I’m binge-watching on Netflix now are Archer, Supernatural, Sensitive Skin, and other good series.

I am a massive Netflix fan but i have not watched any of these! Netflix shows i watch are: better call Saul, house of cards, orange is the new black, black mirror (although I watched the first series on British television!), and that’s all I can think of for the moment! I have seen pretty much every show out there though!

Ah nice nice!

Have you seen any of the series I wrote down? (:

Yeah I’ve definitely seen those shows that you mentioned.

There great! (:


Nice talking to you! (:

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