After a five year sabbatical following the tragic death of his wife and fellow agent Alysha, Keona Rause returns to the distant colony world of Magenta to resume service with the Magentan Intelligence Service. With him he brings an artificial recreation of his wife’s personality, a simulacrum built from every digital trace she left behind. She has been constructed with one purpose – to discover the truth behind her own death – but Keona’s relationship with her has grown into something more, something frighteningly dependent, something that verges on love.

Cashing in old favours, Keona uses his return to the Service to take on a series of cases that allow him and the artificial Alysha to piece together his wife’s last days. His investigations lead him inexorably along the same paths Alysha followed five years earlier, to a sinister and deadly group with an unhealthy fascination for the unknowable alien Masters; but as the wider world of Magenta is threatened with an imminent crisis, Keona finds himself in a dilemma: do his duty and stand with his team to expose a villainous crime, or sacrifice them all for the truth about his wife?

As a reader who has a passion for Science Fiction, I was thrilled to have come across this book. Not only does the synopsis above tell us that it is going to be a thrilling ride, it also tells us that it will be a thought-provoking one. As soon as I read that Keona – our protagonist – had created an artificial version of his deceased wife Alysha, I was sold! I mean come on book lovers, this is incredible and so intriguing! Upon finishing this novel just now I can honestly say that it is one of my favorite science-fiction novels I have ever read and that takes a lot for me to say because I have read a hell of a lot of Sci-Fi! Now let me tell you a little bit more about the story.

Nobody wants to witness a loved one die, and nobody wants to see that person be gone forever. This is predominately what From Darkest Skies is about… What happens when somebody you love tragically dies…somebody you thought you knew everything about; and what if you were able to take all of the memories, thoughts, and feelings of that person and install them into an Artificial Intelligence who can talk to you exactly how your loved one would have. So that really, this person has not left your life and is still beside you. What would you do?  Would this Artificial Intelligence help you to grieve or stop you all -together from moving on and recovering? These are some very important questions From Darkest Skies asks you and to say it starts to make you think is an understatement.

Agent Keona Rause has been mourning the death of his wife and fellow agent – Alysha Rause – for five long years with no indication that he is ready to heal and move on. So instead of doing just this he does the opposite and doesn’t accept her death but rather, has her memories transferred into an Artificial Intelligence which talks to him and acts exactly how his wife would have. He has created a false version of his deceased wife in a bid to unlock her memories and the secrets of her mind which could in turn help solve the tragic murder that took her life.  Just as he is shipped back to his old planet, Magenta – which was where his wife was killed – he must try to uncover her murder to find out what truly happened and who his wife truly was all whilst working as an agent with his fellow colleague and trying to avoid the detection of his AI – which is in fact, illegal.

Science Fiction as a genre can be one of two things. It can either be an intricately layered novel filled with enough information to blow your mind or it can be a simplistic novel with just enough information without the danger of overloading you. From Darkest Skies is one of those Science Fiction novels which is intricately layered and intense with a lot of information but just the right amount and never too much. Peters manages to balance all of the information and themes in this novel so perfectly that it makes him the master of space; this book is simply a work of art.

The world of From Darkest Skies is a vibrant and alternative one… a world like nothing I have read before. It is subtle too, Peters takes his time to build this world inventively and intricately and build the characters this way expertly also. The story itself follows many different avenues, its main focus is the crime however we get great insight into an alien race which has carved its mark into the world we live in and take over. Shipping huge amounts of humans to other planets for no apparent reason. In other words, this novel is shrouded in great mystery, a mystery which so elegantly and beautifully unravels that you can’t help but read more and more.

To summarise my thoughts on this novel I would say that I definitely recommend it and implore you all to read it! Peters has created a masterpiece here with his eloquent writing and fascinating characters and plot lines. It is a wonderful Sci-Fi thriller and I think all of you would really adore it! The book gets Four Stars from me.

As always thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate it. Please do comment below and let me know your thoughts on From Darkest Skies and whether you could see yourself reading it. Also, let me know whether you adore Science Fiction and what you think of the premise of the novel. Could you take all of those memories of a lost loved one and put them into an Artificial Intelligence? Let me know below I would love to know your thoughts!

P.S. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is click the Buy on Amazon button and it will take you straight to the book on Amazon USA! If you are in the U.K. then below I have attached a link to the book for the Amazon U.K. website. I have also attached some links about the author and this wonderful book! Thank you so much again for reading book lovers, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this book!   

Amazon U.K. / Goodreads / Book Depository / Publisher; Orion – Gollancz

Thank you so much again for reading!


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New to wordpress and had to say that your blog is awesome and so is this comment! Agree with what you said 100%. follow my blog for when its ready. Keep BOOK ROCKING!

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

I really do appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment, so thanks again!

What is your name by the way and where are you from in the world? I would love to know!

I look forward to your reply!


Sounds interesting. Great review.

Thank you so much again for commenting! and for your kind words, that is so lovely of you!

Do you think you could see yourself reading this book? (:


I’m always on the lookout for something truly original that breaks the cookie cutter mold of what’s out there. This looks to be exactly that kind of book. Great review.

Firstly thank you so much for commenting! I really appreciate it.

I am so happy that you love the look of this book it is truly wonderful! It is definitely an original story like you described and I think you would love it!

Do you read much Sci-Fi? (:

Off and on. These days it’s more non-fiction with Star Wars or Star Trek tossed into the mix.

I adore non-fiction and I adore Star Wars and Star Trek. I have always loved these growing up, especially Star Trek! If you had to choose your favourite out of the two what would it be? (:

Tough call. Star Wars opening day was my first memory. Trek was there for me when the original trilogy ended and expanded my horizons. I don’t think I can make that choice.

Haha, it is a very hard question indeed! Personally, I love Star Wars but I would watch the Star Trek tv series and movies on repeat when I was younger. I would even pin the badges on my school bag and I remember one year at my school in maths it was Star Trek themed and if you got a good grade then you got a badge. So of course I got the highest grade lol.

That’s how to grow a geek! Nice


Do you have a favourite Star Wars movie or is that an impossible question too lol.

That one is easy. The Empire Strikes Back.

Hi Troy! I am so sorry that I had not previously seen this it went to my spam! Empire Strikes Back is my favourite too I loved it! What do you think of the new Star Wars films? (:

No worries. It happens sometimes. I’m cautiously optimistic about the sequel trilogy, but Rogue One impressed me to no end. It’s a different era now. I’m hoping they can Branch out and stay true to the core. That’ll get harder as they go.

I agree, I think the first movie was very Disney, it was too young for me in my opinion. It was good but not great and none of the new films will ever beat the originals.

Star Wars was always written with kids in mind. The problems were far deeper. I have to hold final judgment until I see 8 and 9. I’m trusting the process at this point.

Of course, I just felt that it didn’t feel as raw as the originals. It was still good though!

Nothing feels as raw as when it’s brand new. As long as I’m entertained and it all makes sense, that’s pretty much all I ask.

Rogue One I thought was much better and that scene at the end with Darth Vader was incredible! What did you think? I couldn’t get enough of it I wanted more!

Let’s just say I’ve watched that ending a couple hundred times now. That’s Vader as we always understood him to be. It was glorious to see him unleashed like that!

Yes definitely! It was incredible. The music, the way he moved, everything I adored it! Are you excited for the new movie in December?

I want to be. As I say, I’m cautiously optimistic about the numbered saga films. I see a lot of problems, I see a lot of potential, and I’m just hoping for the best.

I hope for the best too! What other popular movie series do you enjoy? (:

The list gets smaller all the time. Up until it just ended, Planet of the Apes was a big one for me. James Bond and Indiana Jones are priorities. As much Disney / Pixar content as I can get my paws on. I cherry pick Marvel. I could probably go on and on, but that’s what my blog is for. 😛 You?

I love both of those movie series you have talked about! So have you seen the last planet of the apes? What did you think of the ending I am curious!

I have, just recently! I even blogged about it.

Thank you so much for linking this I am going to have a read now, thank you! I am interested to hear your thoughts (:

May it live up to any perceived hype. 😛

James Bond is a huge love of mine too, it has to be in English after all! Who is your favourite James Bond? I do really like Daniel Craig as him at the moment.

Picking my favorite Bond is just impossible. lol. I like them all for a variety of reasons. Craig is a ball of awesome though. I have to give the man points for giving it everything he has and then some. No one can accuse him of phoning it in.

Haha it is an impossible task, I am curious though is there a James Bond that you disliked? Maybe this will be easier to answer!

Actor, no. The only films I’m not so keen on are Diamonds are Forever and A View to a Kill. Even then, there’s something on them I enjoy. Nostalgia…

I am still yet to watch all of the James Bond films but I need to watch them soon!

Sounds like perfect excuse for a box set purchase and some movie marathons!

Haha yes! Just what I was thinking!

Are you looking forward to the new James Bond films with Daniel Craig? I think they will be great!

Craig said he wanted to go out on a high note, and I have nothing but faith that they’ll find a way to pull that off. The wait is already killing me.

Yes the wait is always the worst, I want to see the movie NOW!

Right there with you. The media has trained me to expect things yesterday.

Yes definitley! Could not agree more Troy about the media.

Daniel Craig really is wonderful as James Bond though. What movie of his did you like the most? I cant choose! I mean out of his james bond movies too.

If I had to pick at gunpoint, I’d alternate between Casino Royale and Skyfall. CR is back to old school Fleming, and Skyfall just hits all the right chords for me.

What you just wrote is so perfect and true, casino royale is great and it has a timeless feel but personally I think I prefer skyfall. It stands out more for me plus it has great casting!

It’s really hard to argue that. Judi Dench and Javier Bardem pretty much steal that film.

Yes I agree. Javier Bardem is one of my favourite actors of all time.

What do you think of Bardem and his work, do you like him ?

He’s amazing. I watched him in Goya’s Ghosts, and he just blew me away. Everything I’ve seen him in since, he’s pretty much stolen the film.

I haven’t seen this movie and I haven’t actually heard of it! I am so ashamed of myself lol.

Can you please tell me more about this movie? (:

It’s an indie movie about the painter Francisco Goya (played by Ian Holm – Bilbo in LOTR). Bardem plays an inquisitor in the Spanish Inquisition, and Natalie Portman… well, you have to see this performance to believe it. This movie needed far more recognition than it got. I first saw it on Netflix, so you might check there.

Oh wow this sounds incredible! I am so surprised that I have not seen this movie. Especially because Francisco Goya is one of my favorite painters ever!

You’ll love it. It’ll really put his art into perspective.

Omg now I really do desperately need to watch this movie. Thank you so much for letting me know!

My pleasure!

Do you like art at all? I am curious (:

I actually majored in fine art and animation in college. Art and music go hand in hand for me. Twin muses.

Oh wow how incredible!

So much fun. 🙂

So how long did it take for you to graduate? Also, do you have any favourite artists? I would love to know!

My college career was a spectacular disaster. I learned far more on my own than in a classroom. The learning never stops, in fact. The list of faves is as long as your arm. Renaissance era, the Pre-Raphaelites, and the Impressionists are my tops, but I pretty much run the entire spectrum.

Aww how amazing! So you admire a lot of classical art. I just love it! I always love to visit galleries whenever I visit someplace new.

Me too. This is part of why I have so many movies in the backlog. 😛

Haha me too! I am seeing the new blade runner tomorrow. Have you seen this advertised yet? (:

Who hasn’t? I’ll be waiting for home video, but I am curious. I mean, it’s Harrison Ford. I’ll see pretty much anything he does. Report back with a review!

Personally for me, I adore classical art but this is no surprise considering I studied the classics! I love the reconnaissance period and they’re beautiful paintings!

Speaking my language! Leonardo, Raphael, Botticelli…

Yes! I adore them all. I even love sculptures, I adored seeing a ton of them when I visited Greece recently. Especially because so many of them are Mythology inspired!

They depicted what they thought was the world around them, just as Christianity in the Middle Ages or really any other time and place. Art elevates concepts for people in a way nothing else really can. I envy your travels, let me tell you.

As for music, I have never been a fan lol which is insane but I just can’t get on with it! I can appreciate a good song but I would never actually sit down and listen to one for pleasure you know?

Seems wrong somehow. You might try classical music. Much of the repertoire is like the classic novels and the classic works of art. Many of them go hand in hand and play off one another. For example, Impressionism. Listen to Claude Debussy while gazing at Claude Monet.

Oh I LOVE classical music. That is the one thing I can really enjoy but still, I don’t think I would actually make an effort to put it on!

Some do, some don’t. If we were all the same, life would be boring. Still, you don’t know what you’re missing. 🙂

My husband says this all the time! Me and my husband have everything in common but not music lol. He still thinks I am strange for not listening to it! He loves music though.

I agree with him. My Dad doesn’t get music either. I’m convinced he’s not human. Music is our first human language. Go outside in nature…. it’s there all around you, in the animals, the insects, the trees, the wind…

Haha not human, your funny! I just think that you have to fall in love with music at a young age otherwise you never will. I wish I had more but I was just always into books!

When did you really start to love music? (:

I’m pretty sure it was hardcoded into my DNA from the start.

Haha yes! Which is ironic because your dad doesn’t like music much does he? Did your mum get you into it? (:

I have been to many orchestras though and I loved every second of it! I adore the cello.

Nice pick. Maybe that’s where you should start. Go pick up some Yo-Yo Ma. The man is incapable of a substandard performance.

Oh Yo-Yo Ma is incredible! I can listen to him playing the cello for hours!

There you go! Redeemed my music!

Have you seen a movie called Trance with James McCovy? It is about his missing witches in the air painting and it is brilliant!

I’ve heard of it, but I’ve not seen it yet. One more for the list!

I think you will love it, and it is all set in England and to be honest it’s just perfect! It is one of my favourite movies.

Nice. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for it.

Also Judi Dench is a national treasure for English people! Do you like English Culture? (:

I’m fascinated by Britain as a whole. I cut my teeth on stories about King Arthur, Robin Hood, and Paddington Bear. It sort of went from there.

Ohh really?! This is so lovely! So I take it you have never been to England? (:

Sadly, no. On my budget, I’m doing good to leave my own city once in a while. There are so many places I’d love to see though. In the meantime, to help tide me over and dream bigger there are books, videos, and Google Earth.

Do you have a favourite James Bond villain? (:

Tough one. Traditionally, I’d be forced to say Blofeld, but there are so many. And then if you count henchmen too… how do you make that choice? These are the characters that make those films so much fun!

I could not agree with you more it is such a hard choice!

Who would you pick?

Oh! And what marvel movies do you adore? (:

I’m in the minority on this, but I can’t sit through Guardians of the Galaxy or Ant-Man. And I’m not real keen on Iron Man 3 or Thor 2. Beyond that, they do pretty well, all in all. Really looking forward to seeing Black Panther. It’s got potential.

Black Panther does look wonderful and I am looking forward to watching that. I actually loved Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man but like you I am not too keen on Iron Man. They are probably my least favourite Marvel movies to be honest!

I like the first IM, but they kind of fall apart after that. Ah well, still love the character.

I agree, I don’t know what happened. I was never too keen on Paltrow. She put me off the movies to be honest! What do you think of her character in the movie?

I think she offered up the counterpoint she needed to. She’s more grounded, so it contrasts with the things that drive Stark to do what he does in the suit. It’s sometimes hard to appreciate those kinds of characters, the ones that hold the stars back. But it does serve the purpose of pushing them forward. Something in the chemistry didn’t quite gel, I think, but the idea was there.

Do you enjoy the DC comics movies? (:

I used to follow the comics religiously for years, then they rebooted, twice in 5 years. The films went even further. I don’t recognize those characters anymore. Not for lack of trying. Give me 90s animated DC any day.

Yes definitley! Vintage is always better. I am obsessed with the old comics and think the artwork is simply stunning so I am so happy you agree with me!

I am curious do you enjoy reading comics? For example The Walking Dead or Hellboy? Please let me know as I love talking with you!

I used to read Hellboy back when it was new. Back in the day, I read nearly everything released. These days… money talks, and I have little of it, so I don’t keep up very well.

Hi again Troy! Sorry once again for my delayed reply, I suck lol but this time I will be much better!

There’s a time limit? I was not informed. lol. Don’t worry about such things.

Haha thank you for understanding!

No problem at all. 🙂

So what did you think of Hellboy when you read it and have you heard about the new movie adaptation? (:

Hellboy was one of the best comics Dark Horse ever produced. Clever, fun… if you ever get the chance to read the originals, do so. The new movie? I’m all over this. I’ll miss Perlman, but it looks like they’re staying true to form so far.

I love Dark Horse comics in general! Have you ever seen the movie Fight Club and if so what did you think? I only ask because I read the Fight Club 2 graphic novel from Dark Horse the other day and I would love to hear your thoughts!

Fight Club was a good movie. It’s a better novel (go figure, right?). Can’t say I’ve heard about Fight Club 2, but admittedly I’ve been out of the loop on comics for about a decade now.

I adore Fight Club the movie. I don’t know why but I just love the madness of it!

So have you read the novel? I couldn’t tell by your message. Dare I say it though, but I didn’t like the book that much! I know, I’m terrible lol.

I did, and I liked it, but it was more about the way it was written than the story itself. The movie made more of an impact on the story.

However, I do like Chuck Palahniuks other words. I adored Survivor! Have you heard of this book of his?

Can’t say I have, no. I’ll check into it.

You should, he is actually a great writer and his book survivor is great, I think you would like it!

I believe you. I have an entire mountain of books on my list like that… I have the attention span of a 5 year old sometimes, and the laser focus of a robot other days, so things get lost in the shuffle as I bounce down rabbit holes. lol

Haha, I do too! I procrastinate badly, this is my downfall. I have to be focused to write or to read otherwise it’s pointless!

Sounds familiar. *nods*

Is there one book on your list that you are desperate to read? (:

One? Oh, that’s funny… I don’t even have only one series waiting on me that I want to burn through.

It is actually pretty good the comic! It sheds some more light on the characters and shows them in the future. It has loads of old characters from the book too!

I haven’t read the original hellboy comics but I need to do so!

I agree, Perlman was great, he is actually such a brilliant actor. Did you ever watch him in hand of God or sons of anarchy ? (:

Oh yes. I’ve been following him since Beauty and the Beast. He’s an amazing voice actor as well. Speaking of Hellboy, he and his cast for those did two animated Hellboy features as well. They are awesome.

For some reason I read this as “abhor.” Apparently I need more coffee. Ok, let me try again. I love Captain America, the first Iron Man, Avengers… those are the ones that I tend to come back to time and again.

Yes I too adore Captain America and I think the actor who plays him is wonderful! The Avengers movies too are great. Are you looking forward to watching Infinity War? I am so excited to see all of the characters come together!

Chris Evans did for Cap what Chris Reeve did for Superman. He’s perfect for the role. I’m all in for Avengers!

I agree! Damn we really do have too much in common lol.

Chris Evans is perfect as Captain America though, looks the part and everything!

He really is. I had him pegged first from Fantastic Four, because he was a little too good at Human Torch, so when they cast him for Cap, I was skeptical. He proved me wrong! The man’s got acting chops.

He does! He makes a fantastic Captain America. What is your favourite Captain America film?

The First Avenger is my favorite one, but I love Winter Soldier for completely different reasons. Quality wise, the two are very close in my book.

I adore the Winter Solider too, I love his best friend and his journey. I can’t really remember his name… was it Bucky or buck? Damn, baby brain is a killer!

Bucky. That is one tragic storyline…

So tragic! I loved how we got to see him go from good to bad to good lol. Marvel really are great at portraying characters!

Character has always been their mandate. Their heroes are relatable.

Also, I am not sure if I have asked you this but have you ever watched the x-men movies? (:

Hasn’t everyone? lol. They’re kind of hit and miss for me, much like the comics of old, but they’re fun. I think X2 and First Class are probably my favorite ones. You?

Haha that I am true! Everybody loves and has seen x-men!

I adore X2 and first class, I actually love them all actually. Even the first three but I am loving the prequels.

I can’t claim them all, but when they nail it, it’s something special.

Do you like the wolverine movies? I thought Logan was incredible!

Logan was probably the best of the bunch. It’s also closest to the comic, which is why it worked so well. Fantastic performances all around.

Oh really? So are a lot of the movies different from the comics then? It really was incredible though (:

Most of the movies barely scratch the ideas behind the characters. You can say that about most comics-to-films translations, but in the case of X-Men, it’s particularly watered down by necessity. It would be like trying to capture the entire Lord of the Rings in half an hour, depending on which story you try go with.

That makes sense actually, it is difficult when they translate these books/comics to movies and actually, I do not mind if they have to take a lot out of the story but what I do hate is when these directors CHANGE the story so it is not similar to the book at all. I hate that !

I feel your pain on that one. As long as they can get the characters right, I’m more forgiving, but only to an extent. That’s the problem with adaptations: they are somebody else’s version of a better story.

I am not sure if I ever asked you whether you have seen the lord of the rings?!

But of course! It’s not perfect, but this goes back to what I just mentioned about adaptations. There’s a lot in the book that wouldn’t translate, and other things that had to be streamlined for screen. Visually and musically… I couldn’t have asked for better.

I do not know why but I am still obsessed with the first because I love anything vintage!

That’s always been my argument. The concept of the superhero was born in the Depression and the years leading to WWII. No matter how much they adapt to modern times, they’ll never recapture the magic or the sense of purpose of that era. And visually, stuff just looks cool.

Yes I agree with you 100%!

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you want to live? (:

Oooh… tough one. Rural England? Or maybe Tuscany? Some place with little noise, open spaces, and stars. I ask for so little. What sounds good to you?

Aww how lovely! So you mentioned stars, does this mean you adore astronomy and what about astrology! I am curious now (:

Astronomy, yes! Astrology… I don’t see how anyone can classify the entire human race into 12 ready-made categories and make that work. It’s fun to think about though.

Haha this is so funny but it is somewhat true.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fascinating stuff. I picked up on some of it studying medieval mysticism. It’s more fun in context. I just have a difficult time reconciling it with modern information.

No I do agree with you. Personally, I do not and have never believed that the stars can predict your future. This is silly to even think so and I would never think this.

It’s amazing how many do though. Astrology is one of the oldest “sciences” in human history.

I know! Some people are crazy obsessed about Astrology. Some people use it to determine every aspect of their life – love, work, finance, everything! Some people even live in a certain area because the stars tell them so!

See I personally think that it too much. I would never let astrology determine my future or my now. I know that it is not a real science, I just believe in the personality types!

There is this famous test I learnt about in psychology once and it basically determines your personality type and it is scarily accurate! Have you heard of it? You can do them online and at the end you are giving four letters. If you haven’t heard of it then let me know and I can send you a link!

However, I do believe in some of the personality traits because my husband is the definition of a Scorpio and me a libra lol.

Sometimes it works out.

Personally, I do believe in some of the traits. For example, I am a libra and I am a typical libra, I hate confrontation and I love balance but I still have a fiery side!

Some of the traits do make sense. Capricorn – I head up the mountain in the most difficult way imaginable, but I’ll get there in the end. But there are things that don’t fit in either. I have no head for numbers, I love music and the arts, and so on. Caps are known to be stodgy accountant types on some level, successful in business. 😛

Awe a Capricorn! See, I know a lot of the signs but I have never checked out Capricorn much! Do you know much about your sign? (:

Just enough to know that I do everything the exact hardest way possible on the path that others can’t or won’t tread. Sadly, it makes perfect sense for me too.

My husband on the other hand is a Scorpio and he is your typical Scorpio! Very fiery if provoked but I guess this is handy with him being a marine!

Works against the Marine type, I would think. The discipline alone would beat that out of a person. But I’m not a Marine, so what do I know? Tell him I said “thank you for your service.”

Aww thank you! I will tell him this soon! I am definitely a proud marine wife. Although it is super hard to be one!

I don’t doubt it. Marine is a lifestyle of strength and perseverance. That ripples through everyone around that center.

So what is your star sign? I’m curious (:

Capricorn – I guess I jumped the gun answering these. lol

Haha, sorry, I type a lot!

You? No… lol

Astronomy I love though, the universe is so beautiful. I adore reading about black matter and wormholes, supernovas, everything!

Amazing, isn’t it? It’s the like the more we know, the less we understand.

Oh my god yes! See, the universe is so big that the human mind can’t even begin to fathom how big it is. Seriously, there is a point where our brains can’t comprehend it.

Exactly. That’s the logic behind all megalithic art and architecture too. Every giant statue, every cathedral and castle, ever skyscraper… all designed to assert dominance. The tallest buildings represent the most important aspect of civilization throughout time. And yet… the stars are always there bearing silent witness to our smallness.

Oh my god you are so poetic! This is so incredible lovely, you should be a writer!

It is so true though, people want to build these bigs things to assert their dominance and power but really, at the end of the day it means nothing. I am not a materialistic person, are you?

Do you believe in the Big Bang theory?

I see no reason not to. Everything we know points pretty solidly to it.

Did you ever watch interstellar? Our talk of astronomy reminded me of this!

Another one for the list, I’m afraid. And I have to be honest… after Nolan killed Batman for me 3 times, he’s not really on my priority list. My understanding is the science in this film doesn’t make sense either. It’s like they learned it, then ignored it to fit the story, which is what you sometimes have to do in film.

Oh no really? But it is so good! Personally, I thought the science in it wS pretty good. A lot of it was far fetched but a lot of did make sense!

I’m sure it made sense. Any good writer can make it work for those in the audience who don’t deal with this stuff. It’s one part science, one part salesmanship. I love some good technobabble.

I watched a video on YouTube after the movie came out and they interviewed a scientist who gave his thoughts and he said that a lot of the basics of science in the movie were explained perfectly but some of it was just exaggerated a little.

That sounds right. Lines up with what I know about it, which admittedly isn’t much.

I really wish you have seen this film though because there are so many incredible theories about space in it and wormholes and different dimensions! I think you would like it a lot. Even though some might not like the science, I just think of it as a fun, entertaining movie!

In the end, that’s what matters most. Movies like that have merit if they can entertain me and give me something new to think about.

As for me, Colorado has always been my dream destination so I am so happy that I am finally here with my family!

Well done!

Aww thank you!

I do adore some parts of England still, for example Cornwall, have you heard of it? But it is just so busy and congested and VERY expensive.

Oh, yes. I’m familiar with all the parts of England, though admittedly it’s through books, and largely before 1620 or so. 😛

Haha, yeah, it’s changed a lot since then!

What do you think will happen to Luke?

I figure he’ll be killed off, but hope not.

If they kill him off I will be very angry but I do see it going that way. My husband said if they kill him he will never watch it again so we shall see!

I think we’ll all have that anger. It’s natural. Ultimately, whatever Luke’s going through, I want him to rise again as the hero we know him to be before he becomes one with the Force. That’s the problem with continuing the saga, though. The characters that earned their happy endings no longer get happy endings. That sort of thing becomes a moving target.

What you said is perfect and so true! The last part you wrote was gold.

Thank you. I wish it weren’t true. I think whatever happens, it’s the middle chapter… somebody’s going to scream. It’s got to happen.

I think so too but I just really wish that it didnt have too! So I am curious have you ever read any of the Star Wars books? (: Sorry for my delayed response by the way!

No worries on delays. We all have lives. lol. I’ve read some of the novels. Reviewed some too. I tend to cherry pick by character. Anything with Vader, I’m there.

Haha we do! I am curious where you are from in the world? Also I’m sorry if I have already asked!

lol. You really have no need to apologize. I’m based in Dallas, TX. You?

Aww amazing! I love Texas.

What is it like to live there I am curious (:

Depends on what part you’re in. Mostly it’s just hot, and you need a car because everything’s 20 miles in any direction. lol

Oh no! I can imagine that could be a nightmare. I was born in England as you know and when I lived their transport was so easy because it was everywhere!

Around here, you need a car. And as much as traffic jams suck, there is something to be said for the freedom a car can bring. You need to change routes? No problem. You decide you need to stop for food or random toy shopping? Done. Want to sing along with the music without annoying other passengers? Kick the passengers out. lol. I kid…!

Hahah aww this is so sweet! I live in a small town now in Colorado and I adore it. I love how I am in the middle of nowehere, with land surrounding me. Sure! It can be a nightmare if you want to get somewhere in a hurry but it is worth it for the natural beauty!

I could not agree more, and I am jealous. I grew up in the country. I’m only in the city now because that’s where the job is. Given the chance to move back, out where I can see stars? I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Aww this is so lovely! It’s a shame that there are some great natural beautiful places to live but they will be so far away from work which is such a shame.

If only we didn’t need to work…

If only right! That would be the dream!

However, when I moved to New Jersey after marrying my husband, I found it so shocking because their is hardly no transport!

Well I was actually born in England but I married an older American when I was 17 and so I have been living in the states ever since!

Ah, Merry Ol’ England. Someday I hope to go visit there and absorb the history.

Yes! The history in England is lovely, I adore American history too though, I love learning about the civil war and reading about it. Do you?

I grew up with American history. It, and really all history, fascinates me. Thing about American history… you can’t understand it fully without knowing British history. Most Americans will never understand that, but it’s true. The path to what we have here started with Magna Charta, goes right through the Reformation, comes to a head in the Revolution, and continues on through two World Wars alongside England and the Allies. The two countries are joined at the hip as I see it.

Omg yes! I am so happy that you have wrote this. It is true, British and American history is deeply intertwined and I am so happy you know this!

Would that more did.

I do love how England and America were allies in the war and how we are still allies now. I think both of our homelands are great!

Well, the potential is still there, certainly. I worry about the US more and more all the time. But that’s another story. The wheel will turn again eventually.

I am curious, did you ever see the new Dunkirk movie? I am just curious after you mentioned WW2.

I haven’t yet, actually. Is it good?

I used to live in New Jersey but me and my husband and children just moved to Colorado!

Have you ever been to Colorado? (:

I’ve been there once. A friend of mine used to live in Fort Collins, so I went out there to spend a week, did some hiking in the foothills of the Rockies. Gorgeous area.

Oh how amazing! Yes the Colorado Rockies are beautiful. Have you ever visited Canada? I haven’t yet but heard the Canadian Rockies are just as beautiful!

The closest I’ve been to Canada is I’ve seen it from the American side of Niagra Falls. I’d love to see more of it. Beautiful country. My means of travel are severely limited by money and circumstance, otherwise there’s SO much I’d want to see and do. Still… that’s what books are for, to fill in the gaps.

Yes I agree! Books are always there and they are far cheaper lol.

So did you go under the water fall with one of those hats on the big boat? I’m curious! Lol.

I totally did. It rocked.

Haha amazing! I would love to do this one day. Waterfalls in general are stunning! Was it very cold when you visited?

Nope, it was the end of June. Perfect weather for a dash in the waves.

I haven’t read any of the novels but if some of them focus on Vader then I would love to read that! Can you please let me know a great Star Wars book that features Vader? I would love to know!

If you’re all about Vader, you need to read Dark Lord: The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader and Lords of the Sith. The first one from before the Disney buyout, picks up right after Ep. III, so you see the transition of Anakin inside the armor into the Vader we know. Lords of the Sith is Disney era, so it’s “new canon” (if that matters). It’s smack in the middle of the Dark Times and all that implies.

Thank you so much for telling me all this information! I have made a note and will go on Goodreads shortly to add them to my reading list!

My pleasure! Hope they work as well for you.

I am all about Vader though so these books sound incredible so thank you again for letting me know! I real;y appreciate it!

Anytime. Feel free to hit up the contact page and ask directly if you need more. There’s always more. lol

Haha great! Thank you so much. You are so lovely to speak too!

Back at you. 🙂

I just realized I wrote “The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader.” I’ve been reading a lot of Rise and Fall type material lately, sorry. The book is Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader. We all know the fall doesn’t happen until ROTJ. lol

Thank you so much for letting me know I will check this book out on Amazon ASAP! (:


Thank you!!

I think there will be uproar when it happens though. With Han Solo it was different because the actor said he wanted to die but I heard he might be coming back? My point is that I just really hope they do not kill Luke. It would be very disappointing. You have to have an original cast in it still otherwise it is no longer related to the old movies.

What did you think of Kylo Ren?

Right now, he’s Darth Vader lite, and that bugs me. But the fact that he’s actively fighting his inherent Light Side is interesting to me, if they can develop that journey adequately. Right now, he’s very much a rough sketch of a character. Time will tell.

I agree, I wanted more and when he took of his helmet I was disappointed. He just doesn’t look evil to me but like you said I think it is great how he is trying to fight the light constantly. That is a really interesting concept!

I replied, but an error occurred. Trying again. I was there when Star Wars began, and Trek filled the void when it was gone. I don’t know that I could make that choice.

I hate it when that happens! I got your message though and replied (:

Also thank you for your kind words !

My pleasure.

Am I following you on Twitter and Instagram? (:

WP is my only social media, aside from a Goodreads account I barely use… so, probably not. 😉

Haha ok! No problem, I will just keep up with all of your posts here (:

Probably not. I’m not on any other platforms. 😉

Apologies for multiple replies. The WP app is showing errors, but the site says awaiting moderation. Feel free to delete duplicates.

No problem at all! WordPress can be pretty annoying sometimes!

Yeah, no system is perfect.

Not at all (:


I’m not really a fan of the sci-fi genre – but you just may have sold me on this one!

Thank you so much for commenting I really appreciate it. I love interaction with fellow book lovers so this is great!

I can see on your sub title that you love romantic fiction so this would be a little out of the norm for you but I truly think you would adore it!

Plus! There is romance within this novel so you wont be completely without it! I am so happy I could convince you to read it though (:

Do you have any great romance recommendations for me to read?! (:

Hi – sorry I’m not getting notifications so I’ve missed your messages. Are you on Goodreads? If so, it’s easier to make recommendations in there. That way I can see what kind of romance reads you like 🙂

I don’t have goodreads yet no but I will make one and let you know! This book should definitely go on your list though (:


…and on checking, I realise it’s in my TBR pile awaiting to be read and reviewed for later this month. Yippee! I’m REALLY looking forward to this one, now:)).

Awww I am so glad! It is amazing, please do come back and let me know what you think of it or write a review on it. I always love knowing peoples thoughts on stories that I adore!

Do you read much Science Fiction at all? (:

Yes! I read a fair amount of science fiction – it’s my favourite genre. The anthology is called ‘While the Morning Stars Sing’ and my short story is called Hit the Button – about a chap who was continually playing over his holographic home movies featuring his dead wife.

I am so happy that you adore Science Fiction too! I did to my shame go off the genre for a few years because the books I read just seemed to be cliches and full of cheap thrills but now there are so many wonderful sci-fi books out there and I love that!

This sounds amazing! I am going to go and have a look at this now and get back to you (: You are such a wonderful writer as it is so I know I will adore this and it sounds so interesting!

That’s very kind of you to say so! Thank you…

You are so welcome! (:

Oh! And if you love Science Fiction then you are going to adore the review I have lined up. I have reviews for Beyond the Aquila Rift, which is short stories from Alastair Reynolds (I believe thats his name?) reviews for the New Moon series and a few more! (:

Looking forward to reading these:)).

I cant wait to read more of your stuff too! (:

Thank you!


I have added the book to my amazon wish list so that I can read your short story!

Thank you:)


Do you have any other published work? (:

I have a short story ‘Miranda’s Tempest’ featured in an anthology Eve of War and online you can read my short stories ‘Picky Eaters’ and ‘Damned Flies’. I’ve recently signed a publishing deal with Grimbold Books for my post-apocalyptic science fiction novel Netted, which will be published in 2019.

I am so impressed! This is incredible and congrats on your book deal!

Thank you – it is a very recent development and I’m delighted. They are small publisher, but with a great track record of producing a steady stream of quality, quirky reads – and they are also lovely, lovely people!

Aww this is so lovely! I truly am delighted for you. You must have to be writing an awful lot now or have you already wrote quite a bit? (:

I’ve been writing for quite a long time – but when the family commitments popped up, while I continued to write I didn’t do all that much submitting. And now I’m determined to get more organised and professional about that side of things – as well as going for a traditional career, I’m also hoping to self publish some of my work this year.

You are so amazing and I admire your work so much! I think it is easy to lost sight of things, especially with a busy family. I have four children so I find it hard to do even this but I am determined, just like you, to do more and better myself more so yeah, go us! lol.

Oh my goodness – four children! I’m very impressed! When my two were very small I stopped reading for 5 years, other than children’s books, for fear of getting lost in a book instead of feeding/bathing/looking after them. So I’m mightily impressed you not only can keep a blog going, but a book blog:)). Huge respect!

It’s funny because I did this too with my first born! I had Benjamin James when I was very young so of course I was even more of a nervous mum. I watched him like a hawk and if he was too silent I would actually nudge him a little because I was so fearful! I did not read for years but then I had my girl and by then I was a pro and thought hell I deserve to read a book! Although I only ever read when they are asleep or playing with their father. With my children I am very protective and watch them like a hawk lol.

Quite right, too:). And, like you, I lightened up once the grandchildren came along, though when I was looking after them a lot as babies and toddlers, that was when I stopped submitting my work – they are older now and both at school, so my services are no longer required so much:).

Aww this is so cute! So that feeling of watching your baby like a hawk is still with you when you have grandchildren? lol. I think its just a womanly thing. Its in our nature to want to care and look after the innocence. Talking about children just always makes me so happy (:

Initially, I looked after my grandchildren a lot, as grannies so often do, which means I have a lovely relationship with both of them. And the icing on the cake is the knowledge I am also able to help my best bright bonny girl…

Aww so cute! I cant wait to be able to do this. Everybody know where I live that if ever there is no childcare available then they can come over mine for a play date with my children! That is such an american saying and being British it feels weird lol.

Are you American? (:

No, I’m a Brit:).

How wonderful so am I! Where are you from? I was born in Brighton but married an American so I live there now (:

Blimey! We live just along the coast from Brighton at Littlehampton – so not far away from your old stamping ground:). Isn’t it a small world? My daughter and her family live in Brighton. So whereabouts in the US are you?

Aww how lovely! I am desperate to take my children to visit Littlehampton because it is such a beautiful place.

It was very rundown and rather a sad place when we first moved here over 20 years ago, but a lot of improvements have taken place and it is now a great town with a lovely seafront.

I have been there many times and I think it is so gorgeous!

I just cannot get over that fact that you come from this part of the world – that is a crazy coincidence!

I know its so wonderful! Small world (:

Yes! It I wrote a story where someone I chatted to online about my books had lived half an hour up the coast, an editor would be shaking her head and telling me it was unrealistic…

Haha, that is so funny.

Do you get to come back to the UK often? I’m assuming you still have plenty of family here…

Me and my husband try and visit at least twice a year! I have my father and two sisters here and grandparents and I love seeing them! (: plus it’s lovely for the children.

Oh that’s marvellous – and must be SUCH a relief for you family who can keep in touch with you and your family – so important for the children:)).

Yes definitely! Family is very important and I am always reminding my children of their British Heritage! They do get confused though on the different words. Candy vs Sweets and Father Christmas vs Santa Claus lol. I have convinced them to use the British words though!

That’s great – they will grow up to be bilingual – English and American:).

Yes exactly! It’s nice though too because I am half Irish (hence the red hair!) and my husband has Irish blood as well as Native American. So we are very keen for them to learn about their Irish and Native American history too as it is really important! (:

No wonder we get on so well. Himself is also red-haired – although these days his red is fast fading to white – and he also has a lovely red beard:). My son was born with beautiful auburn hair and I was thrilled – and devastated when it all fell out when he was 10 days old and grew back again blond! You’re right – culture and where you’re from and who you are matters. I was brought up by my grandparents, who would talk a lot about their families and tell me stories of the past. I always thought I’d get around to recording Gran telling me these – but sadly it didn’t happen.

How lovely! My husband has a beard too and I said he is never allowed to shave it haha, but he loves it so it is ok!

Yes – he shaved it off once and we all immediately demanded he grow it back again – it didn’t look like him!

Haha! My husband when he was ill one time had it cut very short and I was devastated! It completely changes their face doesn’t it? He didn’t look like my husband, it was so weird but thank god it has grown back!

Phew – yes, we were all mightily relieved and so was he. He grew a beard as a very young man, found it suited him and has had one all his adult life – he’s now quite cross it’s become fashionable.

Haha, this is so funny because my husband said this just the other day! My husband used to have a small beard but he grew it out and realised it really suited him but then he got annoyed that now all of a sudden its ‘become trendy’ and he goes “But Aimee I have had this beard for 17 years!” lol.

All of my children have fiery red hair and I know I will cry if it ever changes to blonde! I really hope it doesn’t. It shouldn’t though because they have red haired genes from both sides (:

How lovely! Is there all that stupid teasing in the US about red-heads? J endured a lot of grief at school. Yes – we are all blonde, but there are red-haired second cousins and my granddaughter’s hair has the most beautiful copper tints in the sunshine.

Thankfully my two eldest have not had any teasing yet but I am dreading the day they might. I am lucky that I was never bullied because of my hair (although I was bullied still) because it was more of a strawberry blonde and in the summer it would go very light. I remember one time actually in class there was this bully and he was saying all those cliche ginger jokes and I had enough and said to him that I was ginger and he said, no youre not! And I said I was and that basically he was stupid and very inconsiderate and all this other stuff and he went so quiet after that and never said a ginger joke again! I remember too the teacher said that was amazing Aimee… I felt proud. But my sisters on the other hand got badly bullied of it which is very sad. I will raise my children to be proud of their hair colour because it is rare and beautiful (:

Exactly! It is a wonderful colour – and while blonde hair can easily be replicated by hair dyes, that glorious blazing red colour simply can’t. I think it is because it was so rare – and also several of the Scots clans were red-haired – that it became something to tease people about. Good for you to stand your ground:).

I am so glad you think so! When I was in my teenage years my mum told me that I should put blonde highlights through my hair to prevent bullying and when she did I felt like I had lost all of my identity. It was so bizarre and ever since that day I have never ever dyed my hair and I never will. My dad was actually really cross with my mum at the time. Saying that she should teach me to be proud of my hair and not hide it and that is very true! Plus, I feel quite lucky because today women will pay hundreds of pounds to dye their hair red and it still wont look natural! So yes, I think we should all be proud of our hair (:

I’ve always felt very lucky to have blonde hair – it was golden blonde until I had the children and breast-fed, when it suddenly went a shade darker. It lightened up again after Rebecca was weaned, but stayed very dark after Robbie – a line that looked like I’d dyed it and it was growing out… I found it very upsetting and every time I looked in the mirror, it seemed a stranger was staring back at me. So I went to the hairdressers and had it highlighted. It only needs doing 3 times a year as it brightens naturally in the summer, anyway – and as I’m getting older it isn’t going grey, it’s actually turning white. But for the time being, I’m continuing to have it lightened!

It’s so true what you just wrote, your hair is your identity and the colour of it is a big part of your personality! I love the colour blonde, I think it’s lovely. Also your children’s names are so perfect! Did I ever tell you mine? They have very traditional names (:

And yes! Heritage and knowing where you are from is very important to me so I can’t wait until all my children grow up and know everything (:

It’s interesting… I was always desperate to hear the ‘old stories’ in the family and have loved history – Himself and I met at college studying History – but my children have never been that interested. Though as they gone on growing older, I hope they might become more so.

That is so lovely! Me and my husband met in a bookstore in Brighton. The waterstones actually and I was holding a copy of Jane Eyre (which is my favourite book!) and he came over with his american accent and started talking about the book (he was an english lit major) and I fell madly in love! I think it is so lovely that you and your husband met basically over your love of history. So amazing (:

What a lovely story, Aimee:). I always loved the passage in Thomas Hardy’s ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ when Gabriel Oak is proposing to Bathsheba and talks about sitting across the fireside reading and looking up and there she’ll be… We quite often turn the TV off and just read our books together. It’s lovely!

That made my heart melt! That is the most beautiful thing ever and I completely forgot about that part in the novel. I ashamed about that because I love it! I love all those classic novels, they make me happy. That has always been my dream though growing up, to one day grow old with someone and read by the fireplace together. I count my blessing everyday that I found my soulmate (:

Hearing old stories too is perfect! My husband is huge on history so I am always asking him stories and when I was younger I would always talk to my grandparents about their stories etc. I used to ask them about JFK too all the time because I was obsessed… well, I still am!

I feel sorry for them a little bit though because when they come back from a history lesson at school I will be giving them another history lesson about Britain lol.

Ah, but they won’t be suffering from a lack of identity, though, will they?

Exactly! I will have to tell them that you will thank me one day lol.

I miss living by the coast so badly! That is why I love when me and my husband visit Maine because it reminds me of home a little (: . That is so lovely about your daughter too! I lived more in the hove side of brighton and it was lovely.

Yes, we’re very lucky – we live 5 minutes drive from the beach and so get to go down there any time we like. Typically, we don’t go down there often enough!

That is so beautiful! I love that. I used to do that all the time in Brighton. It’s so lovely to be on the coast (:

Yes – I don’t want to move away from being near the sea, again…

Yes, definitely dont. The sea is lovely!

I actually live in New Jersey at the moment but me and my husband really want to move. We want a lot of land in the middle of nowhere so we have decided either Colorado or Oklahoma! We should be their already now but then we had twins lol.

Well you’re certainly in the right part of the world to be able to get a home with plenty of land – here you’d need to be a millionaire to achieve that! Best of luck with all your plans:).

Oh that is so true! My husband did say when we first married shall we live in England and I said no! As much as I love it there, it is way too expensive. For a four bedroom house it is around 800,000 and with little land whereas in Colorado and Oklahoma you can buy a 7 bedroom house for around 600,000 and have huge amounts of land! That is why I am always praising it here. You see bad stuff on the news but it is honestly a really nice place full of lovely people (: it’s definitely a perfect place to immigrate (:

Yes – I’ve been lucky enough to interact with so many Americans online and they are the loveliest, friendliest people:). And I’ve seen sufficient of the country on TV to realise how beautiful and unspoilt large tracts of land are… You’re right – houses are just ridiculously expensive here.

Thats so nice of you to say. I think it is a shame how almost every country of the world is subconsciously judged because of the media and yes, ridiculously so, especially the ones with land!

Have you ever visited the US?

No, sadly not. I’m quite tethered at present. During the term time, I cannot go too far afield and during the school holidays we look after the grandchildren a fair amount of the time.

Aww that is still so lovely though!

Oh yes – once they get older, children don’t need their grannies and grandpapas so much, so it’s lovely we get a chance to keep the bond going for as long as they need us:).

Awww so cute!

How old are your children? (:

My daughter is 33 and my son is 30. My granddaughter is 12 and my grandson is now 7 ,which is the one that still winds me – when did he stop being ‘little’??

Aww this is so lovely! I have a 5 year old boy, a 3 year old girl and two newborn baby boy twins! I thought it would be a breeze having twins however it is so hard to have them both so little at the same time!

Oh my word! Yes – you certainly have your work cut out for you! My husband is one of twins – unidentical. You wouldn’t even know they were brothers if you were to meet them! But at this stage, your workload must be insane…

Haha, I am realising that now! Although I am still so broody, I always joked with my husband when we first met that we would have 10 children lol. My twins are unidentical too! My mum was a twin so I am so lucky I got the twins out of me and my sisters! Growing up I always dreamed of having twins and when me and my husband went for our first scan and we found out I cried pure tears of happiness.

That’s lovely for you, then:)). So glad for you!

Thank you! (:

Sorry for my mummy rambling there! I get so passionate about them (:

Nothing to apologise for! Of course you are – and I think it’s great:)). I feel that way about the children and grandchildren.

I am so happy I am not the only one who feels like this! I just love children and always have since I was young.

I was a teacher and finally stepped down when the admin just became crazy and didn’t allow me time to write – but I did miss the children. I loved the teaching bit… Luckily I still get to teach – though it is adults these days:).

I really admire teachers, and that is so lovely that you was one (: I have always thought about teaching but young children, more like nursery just because I love children so much! It is definitely something I am considering!

I didn’t train until my mid-30s when the children were older – it’s a great profession, though in this country there is a great deal of admin, these days. Which is a real shame…

I need to have a look online and learn what it is like in America (:

Yes – that’s a great idea.

Thanks for reminding me of it all again! (:

Its funny because the other day I said to my husband that I cannot wait to have grandchildren. Is it true when people say the feeling you have towards them is like that of your own child? I have heard so many wonderful things about Grandchildren from Grandparents!

It’s the strangest feeling… so intense. I didn’t expect to be swept by such HUGE emotion. From the moment I first held each one, they ambushed me and the flood of love I felt is overwhelming. But it is very different. They are not mine, so I get to hand them back, but I’ve been so lucky to spend lots of time with them and enjoy them. This time around, I know the battles I need to win – and the ones to let slide by, so I’m more relaxed and have FUN with them.

This is so beautiful, your description there melts my heart. When I had my first baby and with all of my other babies a wave of emotions hit me at once and I could not stop crying. Even weeks after I would look at them and cry lol.

It really is an emotional time, isn’t it?

Yes, definitely! I will never ever forget those moments (:

You’re so right – some of my most vivid memories…

(: (:

I will definitely be buying this when it comes out, a post apocalyptic AND science fiction novel! These are my two favourite things.

That’s great news:). Thank you so much!

No thank you! You are the one who is going to write a great novel for readers enjoyment (: