Thailand – A Country of Smiles, Andrey Vlasov

Thailand is a magical, beautiful, and contrastive place which has a lot of traditions.
Thailand also is the country of smiles, Buddhism with a lot of nice temples, kind people, picturesque sea and mountain views, rich flora and fauna, fruits, shopping, and very spicy but at the same time very tasty food.

Explore this country with this book, which is contained hundreds of colorful photos of the most beautiful places in Thailand.

Thailand is a beautiful country I have been obsessed with ever since I was young so when I finally visited I was ecstatic and loved every moment of being there. When I returned home, howeve,r, I still longed to see the beauty of Thailand, and that led me on a path to discovering the book Thailand – A Country of Smiles. Thailand – A Country of Smiles is an incredible photographic journey the author Andrey Vlasov will take his readers on from start to finish and one that will provide its readers with many stunning photos taken by Andrey while he visited and toured Thailand.

Thailand – A Country of Smiles is a collection of photos taken by author and photographer Andrey Vlasov, and throughout the book, he shares all the photos he took on his trip. The book does have some text but only around five pages of it so Thailand – A Country of Smiles is first and foremost a visual book that you have to look at and examine to fully grasp the beauty of Thailand. What I loved most about the book was how authentic the images were. Many photos you see of Thailand online are stunning, but they are all also mostly photoshopped. That is not a bad thing, but it can be when they alter the image, increase the blueness of the water and so on. When this happens, the image loses its original beauty and authenticity, and that is what I dislike in any image. So the fact that the images taken by Andrey Vlasov in Thailand – A Country of Smiles are all unedited and original is beautiful and gives the reader a real-life glimpse to what it is really like in Thailand.

The photos laced throughout Thailand – A Country of Smiles take the readers on a journey from the sea to the mountain and even takes its readers on a journey through the food of Thailand, the flowers you can expect, the fruits, the shopping markets and so much more. So if you are a reader who has been to Thailand and want to reminisce about its beauty and culture than you will love this book because it will perfectly take you on a journey back.

Thailand – A Country of Smiles, however, can also be read, and viewed as well as loved by those that have not yet gone to Thailand, those that are planning on going and those that can’t ever go because of a medical condition or finances. That is the sheer beauty of Thailand – A Country of Smiles because its book is for everybody, not just those that have visited and that is really special to me. It is a special book especially for those who won’t be able to go because it will highlight Thailand and all its beauty and place you right there and the many images will make you feel as if you are standing there.

Overall Thailand – A Country of Smiles is a beautiful, visually stunning and excellent book written by Andrey Vlasov and a book that needs to be owned by everybody. That is why I am going to of course award Thailand – A Country of Smiles five stars! So please, grab a copy of this book and get lost in beautiful Thailand, you won’t regret it!

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