Prey of Ambrosius, Anthony G. Wedgeworth

Thorik is hunted for changing the future and the past, causing mass chaos centuries away from him. To … Continue Reading

The Lonely Hearts Hotel,…

The Lonely Hearts HotelĀ is a love story with a difference. Set throughout the roaring twenties, it is a wicked fairytale of circus tricks and child prodigies, radical chorus girls, drug-addicted musicians and brooding clowns, set in an underworld whose economy hinges on the price of … Continue Reading

Midnight on the Water, Pam Van Allen

Horace, trapped in a boring, mundane life, escapes into his exciting lucid dreams. Within them, he becomes a … Continue Reading

Creole Moon: Book of Roots, S.T. Holmes

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is the perfect locale for a treasure hunt. When it coincides in the … Continue Reading

Allison In Wonderland, Ray Sostre

In this parody to the children story, there’s an adult twist – an erotic fantasy adventure. Allison Woodward … Continue Reading

Intricate Intentions, Jennifer Rayes

Blow after blow has tried to knock her down, but Gaia is determined to fight till the end. … Continue Reading

Xaghra’s Revenge, Geoff Nelder

When Reece and Zita become lovers, past and present collide as the spirits of their ancestors force them … Continue Reading